How much better would the Ti Cats be.......

if they still had jesse lumsden????

If we had Jesse we'd be 0 & 4.

I tend to agree

I wondered how long it would be before I saw another Lumsden thread. Sometimes the posters on this site are the only consistent thing in my life :wink:

One man does NOT make a team.

but we'd be prettier...

I thought this was going to be another "hire Fletch" thread.

we would be 0-4. this stuff drives me crazy. jesse is a great kid and a great football player but give me a break. last year if said where would we be with jason maas would anyone say 0-4 ??

I agree with the theory that "one man does not a football team make".

I don't care if Jesse ever becomes a TiCat. He's stated his case very clearly and that is that he wants to play in the NFL and who can blame him.

Chances are the Skins will cut him as Seattle did and if this happens, I wouldn't let him back in the TiCat fold without an ironclad 3 to 5 year contract which forbids him from playing anywhere else.
Otherwise, he'll bolt again, first chance he gets.

Um, keep in mind that we had two banged up running backs.

And Jesse is a big play player. That's something we're sorely missing (with the exception of a healthy holmes).

Maybe with Lumsden on the team we would have fought out one of the close games and won, who knows?

maybe we would have lost by more...who knows??'re free to post whatever you like, but please label a jesse thread as a jesse thread, so I can skip it...i wonder how much better we'd be if our O-line improved, and how much better it may be when cheron and powell back will excel, whether he's josh ranek or ricky what's his name, unless holes are opened, and few teams can win unless they can get some crucial first downs on the ground (see "third and one", for instance)

We also have Anthony Davis who is said to be amazing.(I haven't seen him, so I will go with what people said during TC)

He's good, but recovering from knee surgery.

Hmmm, Jesse Lumsden. Who is this, boy that you speak of?

What's with all the Lumsden jerseys fans have too? I haven't seen a Lumsden in our backfield all year! What a waste of money and time that was.