I have previously stated how the league should look at selling the Grey Cup naming rights.
Just like last weekend it was the Scotiabank East and West Finals.
For a substantial yearly amount let's say in the $5-10M range it may well be worth it.
On top of the new TV contract and let's say we can get $25M per year that would possibly be in excess of $35 for teams to split up and all of a sudden the league moves from being ticket driven to sponsorship driven.
Here is the latest article.


Naming rights for sale?
Canadian Press

WINNIPEG -- The Canadian Football League would consider selling naming rights to the Grey Cup, the league's senior official responsible for corporate partnerships said yesterday.

Gavin Roth, the senior director of partnerships, added that the league would ensure the winning sponsor would bring a respected -- though not necessarily Canadian -- character to the venerable Grey Cup franchise.

"It is a very sacred name," Roth said of the Grey Cup.

"But it's very hard to say never to anything, because if it was an absolute stellar brand and they were willing to invest significant dollars for those rights, we'll take a look at it.

"We'll weigh the pros and the cons and we'll make a decision that I think we all feel we can live with."

The CFL has floated the idea of selling naming rights to the Grey Cup before. In recent years, the league has sold naming rights to playoff games. Last weekend's East and West Division finals were called the Scotiabank Championship East and Scotiabank Championship West.

Moreover, corporate logos have become commonplace not only in the CFL, but also throughout professional sports. At this weekend's Grey Cup game, a logo from the Molson family of beers -- the league hasn't yet decided which one, Roth said -- will appear on player uniforms. Five companies will have their logos painted on the football field.

Roth would not say how much sponsors pay for such privileges, but he acknowledged sponsorships are "very important, to the balance sheets of the league and its clubs."

Some CFL clubs have had sponsorships with Bowman's, an online betting site, raising questions about the closeness of professional sports and organized gambling. Roth insisted the league would closely scrutinize candidates for naming rights to the Grey Cup.

"It could be a strong brand that has a great reputation that is very recognizable," he said, adding that the league would not limit itself strictly to Canadian companies in its considerations.

Something like the Molson's Grey Cup? I guess I could live with that. Obviously the league needs the revenue and would probably get a good chunk of change for that.

unless its atleast $10 million, i dont want them to do it.

'Rona's 94th Grey Cup'...i could live with that, but not 'the 94th Rona Grey Cup'

'Rona's 94th Grey Cup' sounds like it is actually ol' Rona herself. '94th Rona Grey Cup' doesn't sound like it belongs to her as much and is better. Don't you think dg on a second glance at this?

No. I know the league needs money, but surely there must be better ways of going about it.

As far as I am concerned, the naming rights for the Grey Cup are worthless because I oppose the concept at every concievable level.
It's about football people!
Why does absolutely everything have to be for sale?

Selling the "brand" just because you can, actually just weakens the brand and cheapens the product.
Short term gain for long term pain.

Exactly....I think Lord Grey would turn over in his grave at the idea of the "<enter name of faceless, souless corporation here> Grey Cup"

why not name it after a legend like Jackie Parker.

On Another note the cfl should scrap the east and west division names and name the divisions after cfl legends like frank clair, dick schatto, etc.

Exactly....I think Lord Grey would turn over in his grave at the idea of the " Grey Cup"
The Earl bequeathed the trophy to Canada's "Amateur Rubgy Football" champion. I'm sure he won't complain if the game is called "Rogers Grey Cup" or the "Tim Horton's Timbits Championship" or whatever...

hey with the money the cfl is going to make from the new television contract they're sure to make enough money without corporation sposorship of something that truley belongs to all canadians.

maybe of it said 'presented by'that would be okay, but the grey cup logo should be intact.

Take the money please, they can invest it in training for officials, marketing, equipment, whatever. It’s just a name. We now have the Potash Vanier Cup, not a big deal.

Over in England, the FA Cup, the oldest soccer tournament/trophy in the world, also has a sponsor ... however, since it's also so incredibly "venerable", it's known as "The FA Cup, sponsored by AXA" instead of, say, "The AXA FA Cup" (or "The Barclayclad Premiership"). So, something like "The Grey Cup, sponsored by Soulless Corporation" or "The Grey Cup, brought to you/presented by Soulless Corporation" might be OK. That way, you still get the money but you don't completely pervert/sell out the name.

Agreed. In order for the CFL to expand and grow upon what it is, more $ is needed. I wouldn't be bothered if it came by selling the naming rights of the grey cup.

But...Up until the late'60's early '70's The CFL paid their players more then the nfl. How do you think the nfl became worth so much more?? If it's done right and with taste and complete control is kept by the CFL then I say why not?? With a country that has 1/10th the population and a league with eight teams, it may very well be time to open the sponsorship box (strictly Canadian sponsors) and start bringing in the big dollars no? So at least the CFL can get closer to the same financial playing field as their southern offspring.

Lord Grey donated his cup to AMATEURS. Todays athletes are paid professionals....times change.....the money NEEDS to come from somewhere and being gate driven is just not financially sound for ANY league anymore. We're only talking about NAMES here not changing the game or how it's played. I think it's time.

I have no problem with sponsors. Lots and lots of sponsors.
And just as you say, the Grey Cup game, brought to you by Coca Cola is fine.
The Coca Cola Grey Cup is just silly and unnecessary.
I could care less how much money they throw at it, it wouldn’t be enough.
Believe it or not, things such as tradition and heritage are important. Tradition is what makes the Grey Cup the institution that it is, and if you start chipping away at those traditions, then in the long run, once you run out of tradition, then no one will care anymore.
If you want the end of the CFL at some point in the future, that is as good a path as any to ensure its demise.

I could be wrong, but I don't think Grey was a Lord, but an in Earl of Grey. He's also the dude that first blended and marketed the popular tea. I tinks many are confusing Earl Grey with Lord Stanley, who created the world-famous Stanley Park in Vancouver, and donated a trophy to some other league I forget...

I thought the tea came from an earlier Earl Grey ... early-to-mid 1800s, as opposed to late 1800s/early 1900s ...

Im not sure that its really worth it. I would love to see them keep things the way they are now. I dont like the company logos on the jerseys. I know it is going to happen that way, and it will be a good source of revenue, but the naming rights and stuff always goes too far, and it will be this offesnive series is brought to you by so and so, and it really cheapens the game. Most of the CFL fans want to keep the league from becoming "Americanized", but what is more American than doing things for the almighty dollar?

Some quick research says...
Earl Grey was the 4th Earl Grey and Governor-general of Canada when he donated the Cup.
A green tea variant of earl grey tea was named after him, but the original tea was named for the 2nd Earl Grey.

It's all about tradition, guys.
Grey was a big benefactor of Canadian culture supporting sports and the arts. It would be a travesty to sell out his most enduring cultural legacy.