How many yards will Ricky Williams rush for tonight?

I have a feeling he'll lose yardage on a lot of plays to negate any decent rushes he has, and he'll end up with a 3-4 yrd.avg. per carry.Even with a decent number of carries, only 67 yards.





I think weedy will have a break out game. This one they have to establish the run to take pressure off Wynn. I figure over 100 this time around.

94 Yards or so.

If the Toronto O-line CAN DO ANYTHING POSITIVE then Ricky is gonna have a good night: well over 100 yards.

he did ok, I think he was close to, or just over 100 yards tonight, and scored one TD.

still not blowing out any games, or reconds, but he is getting better.

97 yds on 18 carries, not too bad, the Argo offence did well in the second half.

Williams best game so far , and it is a long season.

But the ARGOS are killing themselves with turn overs and penilties.