How many yards will Ottawa rush for on Friday?

300 yards? More?


Oh geez.....I hope you're wrong!!!!

  1. The bigger question is how many receptions and touchdowns will Greg Ellingson get ?? ::slight_smile: :frowning:

Numbers that could prove to be just as frightening....

The RedBlacks average 73.5 rushing yds. per game and I think we'd have to expect them to, at least, double that. So, I'm with tabbyfan's prediction of 150.

This could well be a very painful game to watch so have your favorite pain killer handy. ::slight_smile:

  1. I think you could be right catfish !!
    If this game is basically over in the first half, in Ottawa's favour , then THF could be basically
    empty by the beginning of the 4th quarter. ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile:

Ottawa will get over 150 yds rushing.
The Cats will not run the ball more than 10 times.

10 times ?? I don't think this team has run the ball 10 times total in the last 2 games combined . :o

As for the question asked in the title of this thread ? Quick answer : How many yards ? LOTS and lots !!
Too many yards to count as a matter of fact . With no viable DT's left available for rotation or depth for this game , no Laurent , no Atkinson , no Gill etc basically equals no hope in stopping a REDBLACKS running game tomorrow night .

I can easily see the RB's putting up at least 500 yds or more in combined offence in this game with little to no resistance and with relative ease .

So just for sh!ts and giggles I'll predict a final game tally for the RB's of 160 yds rushing added to 375 yds in passing for a grand total of 535 total yds in offence against our beleaguered and undermanned poor excuse that passes as our Defence this season. :-[

I'm sorry and I hope to God I'm wrong , but I'm thinking that this game will once again turnout to be yet another losing effort for our Cats . Hopefully it'll be a close competitive game but my gut is telling me that this one turns ugly fast and my fear is the final result is a blowout win for the RB's . :frowning:

"rushing"...I say 125yds,....but total yds maybe as many as 450 to 500?? ..lets hope not?

Why are we complaining at nauseum about our running game. Have we seen some major breakouts in games when we have had the "10 runs in total the last 2 games"? The answer is NO! And the answer as to why we don't run more is same as answer to why our throwing attack is lacking. O-LINE !!!!! Let the guys work things out. Time is running out but we are not out of it yet.

its a great drive back to brantford after those games tho :wink:

A prediction from down at the beach:

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Ottawa will score a touchdown in the last two minutes of each half, pass for over 300 yards and rush for at least 100.

So I would take it your not watching the game tonight. Why bother?

I was wrong. But I wasn't alone in this thread. What a surprise -- the Cats actually out-rushed the RedBlacks 52 - 48 yds. But Ottawa receivers did run for another 166 YAC, topping the Cats' after catch yards by 100.

So, I've got good news, and I've got bad news...