How Many Yards for Prechae This Year?

Considering he had so little experience coming in last year and didn't even play a full season, yet still had an excellent year, I'm very optimistic and excited to see what Prechae can do. If he had played the full season last year he was on pace for over 1300 yards. He certainly has the potential to become a bona fide go-to guy this year. How many receiving yards do you think he will get?

I do like the way he goes after the ball and catches it at it's highest point. He appears to have very good vertical ability. But, it will come down to how many passes are thrown his way and on target (who's throwing and who's blocking for the qb). The last number of years, it seems we have turned a few 1,000 yard receivers into receivers with average and below yardage.

How do I put in a vote for 1381?

If we get lucky and get somebody that can get him the ball he's over 1200. :cowboy: :roll:

with porter at the helm i say alot.
we have so much potential at reciever I want to say hes going to be porters go to guy but then i look on the other side and we have bauman its like who?
personally i think were the best young Wr core in the league and thats the thing we have to look forward to in the future, now give the Qb position some time and we might have something there to.

I was going to say that too, but since you picked it I will go for 1177

man ialready dibbed 1381.