How many wins will the Als get in 2019?

Oh yeah! How many wins will this sorry team get in 2019?

Vote early and vote often! :stuck_out_tongue:

Johnny voted 4-6, and they’ll be lucky to get that! >:(

I also voted 4-6 wins. Most of those will come after the team is eliminated from contention and their opponents are resting their starters.

Make it three … but eternally hopeful

Make it 4 at voting 4-6. Also hoping for better this year.

I will hold off on picking a number until I see how they make out in free agency. Their only hope for any moderate success.

four wins.
Al’s go 2-2 to start season.
Optimism exists on this forum.
Lose next 4.
Reed is let go.
Wetenhall sales rumors start in July.
2 groups emerge(both local).
Negotiations hit snag.
Mystery buyers back off(see books).
League intervenes.
Wetenhall agrees to sell 80% to Bronfman in October.
Jean-Marc Edme named GM.
Marc Trestman named HC.
The future looks brighter in 2020.

Je vais attendre la fin de la saison morte et les transactions du marché des joueurs autonomes avant de voter. Contrairement aux deux dernières années, nous affronterons beaucoup d’équipe de l’est pendant le premier tiers de la saison 2019. Ce n’est pas nécessairement une bonne chose considérant que Hamilton et Ottawa semblent avoir moins de problèmes que la Saskatchewan avec le départ de Chris Jones et les Eskimos (que nous affrontons lors de la semaine 1) avec le possible départ de Mike Reilly.

I am going to look at it more optimistically than most. Hopefully with new acquisitions, getting Johnny from training camp and the rest of the offense, I think we could get from 6-8 wins and if we could see other teams falling down might sneek in a couple more—grab a playoff spot. Wishful thinking, huh!!!
Not a fan of the teams remaining in the NFL. GOAT is going to win! Really REALLY, looking forward to start of CFL and getting ESPN+ to watch the Als games. I want Johnny to be Johnny Football again!!! No matter what, I think he can be an improved and solid quarterback in the CFL next year!!!

Some joker voted 12 wins or more! ;D

Bobo is that you? :slight_smile:

They open on the road against Edmonton and Hamilton. They will be 0-2 at the end of June. By mid-July they will sit at either 0-4 or 1-3 at best.

Les Eskimos ne s’enlignent pas pour avoir une bonne saison morte avec la possibilité de voir Reilly partir et la libération de Duke Williams et Bryant Mitchell. Ils doivent mettre beaucoup d’argent pour améliorer leur défensive et leurs unités spéciales qui furent très moyennes en 2018. Cependant je suis d’accord que malgré tout ils vont probablement battre les Alouettes, et Montréal se retrouvera 0-4 ou 1-3 comme tu dis.

Le problème est que nous affronterons beaucoup d’équipes de l’Est en début de saison contrairement aux années précédentes.

That was The Great KR …. member sine December 15, 2016.


x 2

;D ;D ;D ;D

Sorry Johnny , I was just trying to make you feel a little bit better about yourself and yer team . :slight_smile:

So yup , I confess . Guilty as charged .8)


Well, 4 to 6 wins is still Johnny’s vote. 2019 will be another wasted season. :frowning:

I’m not counting meaningless game (3 last) so 1-3 is the max