How many wins will the Als get in 2018?

OOOHHHHHHHH!!! Time to vote on how many wins the Als will get this season.

Vote early and vote often! :-X

The Als have no QB, a rookie CFL head coach who will not be involved in the Xs and Os (contrary to Trestman), a mediocre OC and a questionable offensive line. Their supposed number 1 receiver Ernest Jackson, couldn't fight his way out of a wet paper bag.

Johnny being an optimist, voted 4 to 6 wins.

Does beating yourself count?...LOL Hey, Good Luck to you guys this year. I saw some positive things yesterday.

Sounds like a Jeopardy question, Johnny! Answer: Als and wins. Question: What are two things that don't fit in the same sentence?

Good one! ;D

I think 9-9 (hoping is more like it). i really like the pieces we added on the defensive side of the ball. I think we could have a top three or four Defense with just a little bit of help from the Offense and kicking game. This is just me, but I wouldn't be opposed to a Vernon Adams sighting in Montreal. the kids still only 25 years old. His last two years in college he threw for 61 Tds vs 14 Ints, with a solid 65 percent completion rate.Hes an Oregon alum, ala, Jeremy Masoli, and Jason Maas, to name a few. Khari Jones has been a part of developing young Qbs and Veterans alike everywhere hes been. Durant and Kevin Glenn both had their best career seasons with Jones as their OC and or QB coach. Drew Willy actually looked capable as Durants backup under Jones' tutelage in Regina. Glenn led Hamilton to an unexpected playoff appearance in Jones' first opportunity as an OC. Had his best year ever, including hi Milt Stegall years. Jonathan Jennings had his breakout season with Jones on the sideline in BC as well. this guy is solid. how else can we explain him being in this league since... I'm not sure when, but a long time ?. Why would guys like Chamblin, Buono and Sherman keep hiring this dude ?. Wally Buono actually hired him as his OC twice. What does Wally know that we don't ?. But that's just me. Things that make you go Hmmm ?.

At least Vernon can escape the rush, looking at the offensive line, that is something.

We have no #1-worthy QB, only a stop-gap vet with no mobility and an injured young question mark right now.. behind an O-line struggling at Tackle. That's all she wrote right there, nothing else matters.

I said 4-6, that's my early season optimism talking. They might be able to steal one here & there on nights where the D & special teams have great night.. and maybe 1-2 at the end of the season when clinched teams rest some guys.

Year after year, I remain surprised that of all the college QBs out there that don't make it in the NFL.. we can't find enough talent to field 9 good starting QB's in the CFL. It just kills me.

Looks like Andrew and Kavis came and cast their vote :slight_smile:

The QB's are out there. The SMS has killed developing quarterbacks. GM's don't want to invest 3 or 4 years into a guy. Every cent is about winning NOW.

After last nights game, 4 to 6 wins seems really optimistic. Will the Als even manage last season's total of 3 wins? Not sure...

The only games they can hope to win are games at home where the opponent is dealing with massive injury list at key positions. I expect them to hit the first by winless. Then Andrew will lose his shiat and fire everybody. Enter Barker or Austin... Both desperate for a job.

J'ai prédit une victoire pour les Alouettes cette année.

This week my guess is ..... 17
Then next week .... 16
Then the week after that ... 15
Wash, rinse repeat

Johnny has added the option of 0 (zero) wins and reset the votes. Everyone may vote again.

Vote early and vote often! :stuck_out_tongue:

Easy, vote zero until change happen. ..

Probably the first category (o to 3) until they get a quality QB. Then its 2 to 4 . . . .

Too many blights in this potato - Kavis, Andy the Dandyman, Drowsy Joe, Safari Jones, Willy, Low Energy Stubler, Yank Sherman, etc. for an in-season turnaround.

Quelques équipes pourraient avoir des crampes au cerveau comme lors de notre victoire contre Calgary l'an passé. C'est notre seul espoir d'acquérir des victoires.

Wow, i guess i didnt expect Saskatchewan to have a wusorst oline than us and Duran Carter to be so easily outclass by Chris William... , Thé fact they played 2nd and 3rd strings QB also helped us...