How many wins this year

So after 5 games and a 3 and 2 record how many wins do you think we will get now


I'm thinking: 10 and 8... 2nd place finish... win Eastern semis.... and hope like h3ll in the eastern finals.

Picture it - mid-November in Percival Molson Stadium. The Ti-Cats are down by 2 with no time remaining. Nick Setta lines up for a FG attempt from mid-field. The snap, the placement, the kick...

IT'S GOOD!!!!!

A guy can dream, eh?

I'm sticking to my call at the begining of the season.
13 wins +
At this point, it still looks like a very good call.


And party?

LMAO :wink:

P.S. I think it would be in the Big O, which means I'd have to be metro guide to get fans back to Crescent Street for the Uberpisser. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


im going with 9

Or perhaps in the EDF game in Montreal, late in the game on 3rd and inches, Porter will complete a 20+ yard pass? :slight_smile:

i'm feelin 10

To a LB? :rockin:


Ok, just kidding (now).

I've Said 10 Wins
I think have shot at a Home playoff Game this year

I am going to give the range of 9-11. One thing i do think will happen is we will host the first round game against either toronto or Peg.


At least 10 games

We have 3 more vs Toronto, and 2 more vs Winnipeg. We should be able to go 4-1 and if we split the other 8 games, that gives us 11 wins.

I was going to say 8 to 10 wins but after seeing what we have left, we are going to be hosting a playoff game.

No predictions until after the Edmonton game. I want to see how they do against a team with a winning record first.


In the gradn scheme of things though, how can you base your prediction on 1 game? If they have a stinker, you will say 5 wins all year, if they destroy Edmonton you will say 13. If it's competitive you will say 9 game.

With the body of work we have seen from the Cats, they are a competitive team that has played with the best (Montreal), won on the road, and won at home. We have also put up a stinker.

Just don't see why you can't make a prediction.

I'm going with 10 or 11. Leaning more towards 11.....


But it's MY opinion and prediction, I can say anything I want.
I want to see how they do against one of the better team. Don't forget we beat Winnipeg the second weakest team and lost to the weakest team the Argos.

i see us winning from 10-13 but i still wanna see them prove themselves against a good team