How Many Wins this Year, and WHY??????

I'm thinking no more than 6. The cats will be better, but mainly because there a a few young guys who have a year more under their belt.

All that being said, other than at QB and RB, there are a lot of holes and question marks. Printers will be a BIG part of the Ticats story this year. With the porous O line he will have to be the nimble Casey of old. I hope that those rumours of bad hand and ankles prove to be false. Williams is a capable backup. The less said about #7, the better. If a QB in the CFL is going to be immobile he better have a gun and a quick release (like Danny Mac). If he is going to have a weak arm he better be able to run around in the pocket. Timmy C has a weak arm and is slow afoot.

RB is solid. I feel that Jesses injury is worse than anyone is letting on and may very well be carreer threatening. No matter cause Caulley is a capable CFL RB.

Too many subtractions on an already weak D. Cody and Armour are gone, Jamacia has gone on to a far better place (RIP).

O and D lines don't look great. Miles is an OK addition but isn't a #1 guy. Woodcock is done, Bauman can't catch a cold. Can Casey catch his own passes???

What do you guys think?

I think 5 to 7 wins max
Team is still Rebuilding
Too Many Rookies and 2nd year guys
Each Rookie should cost us at least 1 game.
it will take the Team at least 1 or 2 more seasons to be a Grey cup Contender

6 wins, maybe 7. They added some decent players and lost some as well. Offence will be ok but the D will cost them games. They also don't have enough depth to weather injuries to important guys.

I think they'll be competitive in most of their games though and that's a big improvement over the last few years when the games were over by 1/2 time.

An Argo-Cat fan

haha I'm going with 10 plus, and remember I called for them to be brutal last year while everyone else was booking their grey cup tickets.

This offence will be explosive, there's no doubt that they will be number one in most offensive stats and most fans don't understand just how important it is for a q.b to with the team right from the start of camp. This team is not rebuilding, they've been doing that for the last 4 years and I feel they've added the right veteren pieces to push the young guys to the next level.

I'm a little worried about the secondary and o-line, also the playcalling, but everything else is solid and in good shape. There's no reason why this team won't be competive, especially when we have the best q.b and running back in the league as well as one of the top deep threats, you need those three elements for an unstoppable offence and we have it.

5 wins. One for taaffe and four for the guy who replaces him after game five and a 1-4 start.

I am actually worried a bit about Taaffe.

With that said though, I could see us winning 10 or so.

Any of this "Taaffe will be fired" stuff is just nonsense.

Does anyone really think that the team would start all over again with a new HC and a new system if they lose a few early ones? If you answer yes to this question, please place a mirror under your nose and check to see if it still fogs up.

Anyways, I have to agree with Drexl on this one, although I'm a little more conservative and think 10 will be the max, with 8 or 9 a more reasonable number.

I think Winnipeg wil take #1 and the Blue Team #2. Third place is ours for the taking as Montreal is going to really stink this year.

Offensivly, I think a lot has been done to sort out a truly awful situation that developed over the past few seasons. I think any talk abotu Jesse having some kind of "career threatening" injury is more nonsense. Until I see a doctor who tell me, personally, He's done. I expect to see him on the field, laying brutal hits and running people over on his way to the endzone. Caulley provides a great spell, and easily the best runningback combination in the league.

Doubts about Bauman are also unfounded as all receivers stink in their rookie year. Bulking up and a change of positions, with some added help from the other recievers will definatly improve his performance.

Printers has the opportunity to show that he is the best QB in the league and not just a one-off wiht a great B.C. team.

Defensivly things may not look as good as they did last year, personel wise, but I think defenses are more about systems then individual performers. With the right system and a few key guys (read: Moreno, McKay) I think we've got a competitive defense. Perhaps not exceptional, but easily a middle-of-the-pack defense.

I think the best thing this team's got going for it early on is the lack of respect from other teams. They've got a great chance to surprise people early on and steal some games.

Plus our home home play-off and then the Grey Cup.

A 20 win season on the horizon.

See? Prognostication in April is goofy isn't it?

What Hendy said... LOL

Until I see the Als and Argos in camp, I have little idea how they will shape up heading out the blocks. Bombers should remain the team to beat as long as Glenn is healthy.

I don't make numerical picks until about June 20, give or take a day. :slight_smile:

Oski Wee Wee,

Whatever it takes to get us into the post-season :cowboy:

I think they will win a lot more games than the last couple years just to shut up all the bitchy fans :slight_smile:

I predict an 8-10 record for 2008

3rd in the east div.

Wins: 4 - 5 wins but will be "in" a few more games.

Why: To much player turnover, too many veterans gone, with not to impressive replacements. Taffe is still a big question mark for me, Obie hasn't impressed me yet.

Hope I'm wrong and they shine though.

6 Wins.

-Still need depth at many position.
-Losing habits take time to change.
-All other teams in division improved or still superior

LOL you are too funny.

In the nature of pulling myself out of the rut I've fallen into I'm going to go out on a limb and predict a 12-6 season for us this year. :wink: Why?? Because I said so and because Lumsden is going to run for 2000 yards and Printers is going to throw for 5000. :smiley:

8-10 games. We won 3 and lost about 6 or 7 games in single digits last year. The rookie starters from last year have some needed experience and I am sure Obie will hit on 3-4 players.

Thanks, I am sure a great football mind like charlie will land on his feet(somewhere in west virginia)

I too am with Drexl. 10 PLUS!!!

Winterpeg First- If Glenn is healthy, they'll be tuff to stop;

The Hammer Second - too mnay offensive weapons;

Toronto Third - A labour day loss will deflate the team and haunt them for the balance of the season;

Montreal Fourth - Their "No CFL Experience HC" will lead to Mr. Popp's downfall - C'est la vie


The Bassman


I think there will be 6 wins.There hasn't been any improvement on the roster.Re Bauman ,I feel he will be a receiver that will catch about 70% of the passes that hit his hands.Many receivers catching this percentage went into the hall of fame-Dipietro and Gabriel to name two.

Now way is Bauman ever going to as good as Rocky or Tony..

Don't try to put Chris in that same class
I don't care if he catches 90 Passes score 15 TD and gets 1700 Yards this season

He is no Rocky

you can't really say anything about this guy until his career is over. he has all the potential there to be one of the best in the game, but the question is whether or not that potential will be tapped.