How many wins outside of Ontario???

OK, so we win a couple of home games and beat the lousy Argos 40 minutes down the highway.
This team is a guaranteed 2 points for the home team when on the road.
They will always find a way to lose!
They have proven it over and over.
They will lose to Calgary, then lose on the road in Winnipeg (Unless Winnipeg rests their starters)

Guess what, Obie will not get rid of all his players. It will be the coaching staff that will pay with their jobs.
Yes we all know Taafe is gone. We all know Creehan will be gone. Marcel Bellefeuille was a part of this coaching staff the whole season and will also pay with his job.
He will re-surface as a recycled OC elsewhere in this league of recycled coaches.

Obie only gets one more chance to build a winning coaching staff. He will not risk that on a rookie HC.
You will see a NAME HC next season with a history of success.
Whether it be Dave Ritchie, or Tom Higgins, or even Kent Austin.
You can bet it will be a proven and successful HC next year!!!