How many wins for Coach Miller?

I heard this question posed on radio and it got me thinking about it. My best case guesstimate is 5 wins at home because fans deserve this. I will go out on a limb and say they come up with a win apiece in Calgary and Edmonton because they are due for at least one win against each team. So 7 wins in their last 10 games for a total of 8 wins would be the best that I could hope for. I would hope that 5 more wins for a total of 6 would be a worst-case scenario. What does everyone else think?

Well, interesting survey.

I hope and think that he'll go 6-4 or 5-5. Based on what I have heard and read, along with watching the games, is Marshall just couldn't click with the players. Yes, shame on the players for not being open minded and creating this cratee of 1-7.

I think Miller will get some different results out of offense. And when I say different, I hope that turns into better results?

He'll get a more motivated bunch. Darian speaks for the team and when he says he's glad he's back...........well that better translate into better effort.

I say 6-4..............but hopefully he'll do better.

Interesting part of schedule is Bombers have mainly played the sub .500 clubs. No Montreal, one loss to Calgary they should have won? So W'peg is going into a long stretch of tough games after they finish with us. If we can win at home and go .500 against the Bombers that would be grand.

Miller does enough to get this team into the post season. They will likely need 6 wins in the last 10 games in order to do so so long as they beat BC and Toronto in the games these teams face each other.

If the team can take 1 against the Bombers I like their odds of making the playoffs...but yeah, the big ones are against BC and to some degree TO. in the East it is as strong as it has looked in a decade, and I don't see the Als, nor Bombers, idling down the stretch this year, so the Argos will be a little harder pressed for late season wins this go around, so it will be tough for them to cross unless both BC and Sask continue to tank.

The first half of September is great with the home and away against the Bombers, but the second half of September could really determine the season for the riders...Argos and BC. Ithink they need at least 2 wins in those games, and BC is a must.

Beating BC in both games at home is a must as BC would have the tie breaker if they win one.

I would be really happy with 6-4. I can't see a complete turnaround and do a lot better than that. Having Congi and Koch back will make a huge difference regardless of the coaching. These guys need to get a lot better and a lot smarter in a hurry.

Considering the events so far, i would guess 4 and 6. We know the have the talent, just how quickly can we turn the corner? It all comes down to offensive production and cannthey gel quickly!

I think they"ll have enough juice on offence, but I'm a little doubtful about the D until they find a pass rush and one or two better DB's.

Even asking for a .500 record for the remainder of the season is quite a stretch for a 1-7 team. I think Alice's time in wonderland has come to an end, and the riders go 3-7, and I'm a glass-half full kind of guy.

That's what happens when you've been so badly let down and disappointed. The Riders have 10 games to make believers out of you, me, and the rest of us.

I think 6-4 is certainly attainable. Whether it's enough to get into the playoffs I'm not sure. I think the biggest thing is that Koch will be back very soon, possibly for the Banjo bowl, and judging by how the Bears used him in preseason game #2, we'll probably see Fantuz back around the same time as well. Who knows, under absolutely ideal situations, maybe John Chick returns as well.

6 and 4 maybe with Dinwiddie at qb.

Durant better step up now, he got his coach and oc fired, no more excuses.

FYI - You got Koch and Fantuz mixed up in your post, but we get your drift all the same.

It's now pretty apparent that anything short of a sweep in the 2 games against the Lions, and there will be no playoffs for Riders. A sweep gives them the tie breaker and closes the ground they are behind the Lions. A split and their still 2 games back with no tie breaker, which is actually 2.5.

yes, and, not that it has mattered much thus far this season, but at least those 2 games are at home, not at the newly renovated BC place that will have a crazy loud crowd I’m sure

Whatever Coach Miller has, they need to bottle it and serve it to the next head coach. He's a great communicator who knows what buttons to push and when to push them. 4 more home wins and 2 wins in Alberta to go. And if they make the playoffs, look out for the Riders. DARE TO DREAM. GO RIDERS!!

I was totally disgusted to watch on TSN (during the pre-game) the clip of Miller dancing on the field with the players. It almost looked as if though the team was celebrating Greg Marshall's departure and publicly showing their preference towards Miller. This is a huge Public Relations failure on the part of the Saskatchewan organization. The team is very lucky they won against Winnipeg, otherwise, this whole scenario could have been more uglier than it already is.
The whole fiasco surrounding Marshall's departure is a joke to begin with. It should never have happened, regardless of the team's record. Eight games is simply not sufficient to judge a new Head Coach, especially when that coach had no control over management decisions and couldn't hire his own coaching staff. It is also unfair to judge and compare Marshall to Miller now, particularly with the injured players starting to return to the line-up and guys like Fantuz possibly coming back to the CFL. Why couldn't the team have given Marshall the chance to run the team with these line-up changes? I agree that Doug Berry was not performing his duties satisfactorily, but I'm willing to bet that Marshall was not allowed to do anything about that. I have trouble believing that Miller will be able to go in there and single-handedly prevent the team from finishing the season in the cellar.
I sincerely hope that Marshall applies for the Head Coach position on the new Ottawa franchise when they become ready to join the league (hopefully in 2014). If he gets that job, then I'll certainly be waiting for him to exact sweet revenge on Saskatchewan during that season! :cowboy:

How is celbrating a huge win read as dancing in Marshall's face...that is just making BS up on a whim.

I saw a Bomber coach smile at a Rider was clearly contencious. He should be fined or suspended. THERE...I can also pull thoughts from nowhere.

Why did they not give Marshall a chance...because he said the same thing after every loss, and because they spend 4-5 weeks watching practice and felt he was unable to motivate the players in the right manner. Because no aspect of the team that required improving over 8 weeks ever really improved. Because they took WAY too many penalties. Because they continually looked disorganized whenever there was a play that required shuffling of personnel.

Nobody expected Marshall to walk in and be perfect, or even to have a winning record to start, but they DID expect continual improvement, and instead, in many aspects, saw regression and a team that was acting out on the field because of their frustration with a failed system.

That dance was part of a rookie dance. I believe that all rookies had to go in the circle and show off some dance moves. The players were having some fun when they convinced Miller to jump into the circle. You sir are reading way too much into something innocent and fun.

Miller is trying to win back the team and keep things loose. Look at the faces of the guys on the team, they LOVED it.