How many wins do we need to make playoffs?

In most years , 8 or even 7 wins would get a team a playoff spot in the East. This year , the East will actually be respectable as a whole. Toronto will be solid, Hamilton will be better, I'm sure they will address their D woes , Henry will be more comfortable and Austin will help as well. Montreal, will be solid, won't be dominant but not going to roll over. If our D struggles, we our DEAD. I think the Bombers will play well but may not get the results this year, especially with our QB situation. i think we will be around 8 or 9 wins. That may not be enough this year ?

....I'd say 9 or 10 to get in....I'm sure we're shooting for more than that but being realistic...9...The east is going to be a lot tighter this year...Ham. and Mont. have gone through some big changes...T.O. is going to be scrambling on D because of changes in personnel....IF we can keep Buck upright and IF Goltz can shine we have decent shot at making post-season... I don't expect much from Hall or Clement at first BUT you just never know how fast one of these newbies will pick up our game...So many things can happen during the season, to our club and our competition, that it's hard to come-up with a conclusive finish...Let's just say we're definitely going to be in the picture AND what a big-one it will be at either end of IGF... :wink:

As long as progress is being made an the team is working hard, they will get love from the fans. The Jets proved that with a gutsy playoff run down the stretch that had the city captivated !

...Just another day at the office for one of our local scribes, who says the Bombers 'might' get a couple of wins generated by the new stadium and 'possibly' make the post-season...Kirk Penton, like a few other negatrons reporting on the team are such downers..I have to say I don't like any of these guys...I wish the local media would get people the calibre of Ed Tait to return to some positivity and solid reporting on the team...cuz most of these other so-called reporters are bums...I don't buy their junk...Every team in an eight club league (soon to be nine) has a shot at the Cup, never mind post-season..I sure get tired of reading their neg. crap.. :thdn:

They can't all be on the take like Bob Irving

....Bob Irving is on the take?? :lol: someone better tell Bob :lol:

To make the playoffs - 8 wins. Doesn't matter how strong or weak a division is the magic number is 8.

So to you a guy who doesn't constantly criticize is on the take, those that are constantly berating are genuine? I know you're a Penton/Lawless fan from one of your posts in a different forum, which explains how ignorant you are about things Blue. Here's how much of a hippocrate Lawless is. He'll write an opinion piece for the Freep on one of the Jets like Byfuglien or Evander Kane how they are hurting the team and they must get rid of them, then go on TSN radio or jets TV and talk about how integral they are to the team. The guys a joke. The guy is more wishy washy than a laundromat. Bob reports the team news, and he's not afraid to criticize when its due.

Have to agree with BlueBlood. Need to get to 8 wins, that puts you in a good position to be in the 3rd seed at the least and in the mix for a crossover spot. Its possible to get in with less depending on if a couple other teams have their seasons fall apart (see Sask Riders 2011 falling to 5-13), but you can't really count on that. Any amount of wins over 8 further solidifies the post season chances.

18 wins


I always assume it will take any team 9 wins to make the playoffs. I don't think you can shoot for 7 and hope other teams crap the bed even worse than that.
I think all teams have improved over last season. even teams like Toronto, who lost players on defence, can make up for that by having better offensive chemistry out of the chute. Edmonton improves by simply not starting jyles. If tate is healthy for a whole season, Calgary should be very good. Montreal is Montreal. Saskatchewan also improved. Hamilton has better offensive chemistry than last year as well. Should be a very good season.

Would disagree on Montreal being Montreal. Roster is essentially intact. The question is on the sidelines and how the new staff will fare. They have CFL experienced support but with a 20 second play clock there's only so much time to gather input and make decisions. I think it remains to be seen whether the new guys can coach the game effectively on the fly, particularly to start the season. The guys on the field can succeed, can the coaches call the plays that enables them to. Is Hawkins more of a Trestman or an Andrus. Huge ? IMO. And Hamilton's offensive chemistry? There could be a big problem. Depending on how things shake down with Williams who is one of their top offensive weapons, there could be big changes in terms of roster if he's allowed to walk by the arbitrator or on how he fits in the locker room and in the team game plan going forward. And offense wasn't their problem last year, it was their defense that kept them from winning games.

Very fair questions. My answer would be: while we don't know whether Hawkins will be a Trestman or an Andrus, we do know that he's inheriting a vastly superior team to the one Andrus inherited in his brief, ill-fated CFL coaching career. He's not making do with hacks and scrubs, particularly on offense, where he's got a future Hall of Fame quarterback, a stellar all-Canadian O-line intact, a deep stable of running backs, and arguably the league's strongest quartet of receivers in Green, Richardson, London, and now Bruce. Will that translate to on-field success? No way to know, but I'm pretty optimistic...

Keep in mind that Calvillo called the plays for the entire Matthews and Popp era (six years). IF things become too difficult for Hawkins. The Als will just turn play calling back to AC. I don’t think they want or will need to do that but it is available to them.

Doug Berry is also on the sidelines as an advisor, and he's certainly not new to the CFL or to offensive playcalling with a 20-second playclock.

Is he on the sidelines?

Well he might be in the booth but between Hawkins,Miller,Berry and Calvillo and starting from Trestman’s playbook, Offense won’t be a problem for us. AC managed over 4000 yards with Popp and Bellefeuille…

How do you know whether he'll be there or not? Have they actually said he will be or are you assuming?

He's the #2 guy in Montreal. He's there to backup the Head Coach. Where do you think he will be ? In the washroom ? :lol:

He's an advisor, not a coach. Berry said he will be helping with the preparations for games to ensure the coaches understand the differences in the game - that doesn't sound like he will be involved with coaching during games.

Everything I've read so far he's a full time coach, he's there to help with whatever Hawkins may need him for, he's already been very active in helping design the offense playbook, he's there to backstop the HC, so if Hawkins wants him next to him on the sidelines, it won't be a problem. He's listed right below Hawkins on the Als website and the relationship is very good so far. We have tons of resources that the team can pull from for this year anyway. If things go well I would not be surprised to lose some of our staff to Ottawa at season's end. I can see a scenario where we one of Miller or Berry takes over in Ottawa next season.