How many wins can we.....

With a raod win under our belts now how many wins can we put together.

we play T.O. the SSK 2x the T.O. 2x

possible for us to win the next 5 I think we can just get smart with the play book & play like we did last night ( in a bad hungry for a win mood!!)

I hope your right because if we do that we can start getting some respect back.Im happy about that win but im not getting to excited until I see another 5 or six wins like that,remember Winnipeg was banged up last night.Could we have done that against a healthy Winnipeg,im not so sure.But a win is a win right.

I think the absolute most wins the Ticats will get this year is seven. But contrary to what Ron says (and I think he's forgetting 6 out of 8 teams, not 6 out of 9 will get in the playoffs this year), I think 7 will be enough to get into the playoffs.