How many will play in their last Rider game?

Obviously, Ken Miller.

Probably Gene Makowsky, Alexandre Gauthier, Dan Goodspeed.

What about Wes Cates? Jason Clermont? Andy Fantuz? Ryan Dinwiddie?

Who else?

I hate to say it, but could be Simpson's as well

Ahh yes. I forgot about the Minister of Defence.

All I know is there will be a lot of heads rolling after this season... Some to new teams, some retire, and maybe even Freeman will try for the NFL. On O-line I see Gene, Gauthier, Goodspeed and maybe even Parenteu(SP) done as riders starters, I can see Parenteu maybe being a back-up next season. Cates maybe, hopefully Dinwiddie. Receiver, Clermont, and maybe Hill, hopefully not Fantuz, but a possibility. Romero, Simpson, maybe Freeman to NFL, maybe Lucas(I think we have some guys better then him on the current roster). DB's there will be maybe one or two guys not brought back. Coaches, I think almost completely gone except Dickenson. I see a lot of changes, but I'm hoping Taman doesn't trade away some of our better players!

don't be surprised if we see the Riders pull an Eskimos 2011 act.

there could be A LOT of changes coming.

that's the good thing too.

I want changes.

I want changes, but I don't want to see too much change. I don't want us to see guys like Dressler get traded or stuff like that. I hope they are smart and keep that early draft pick too. The only problem with that U of S kid is he is so good he might get a bit of NFL interest. But I do hope to see a lot of changes on our lines, both D and O. LB I want to see maybe Graham, Freeman, Stewart(or a new guy). Our dbs, we need one good cover guy, then I think the rest might be OK, could use an upgrade there to though. RB, West might be ok, but I say bring in a few new faces. I like every receiver we have on our team, but we could maybe trade away someone who isn't a key starter.

I had forgotten about Freeman. yeah, I think he will be going for the NFL. I don't think he is the right build for the NFL, though he definitely has the talent...who knows.

The U of S OL you speak of is I assume ben heenan. Yeah, the catch 22 there is he will get looks from the NFL. I have heard he will likely go in the NFL in the 6th or 7th round. At 295lb he is just big enough for the NFL. That is the hard thing with the wanna draft him, but will he be playing in the CFL? I don't know, but it is well known that he has been scouted from down south, so it is a catch 22 scenario.

well, they could either draft him and hope they can convince him to come to the CFL or they can trade the pick for a young and definitely talented Canadian O-Lineman who's got a year or two of CFL experience already.

unless there is something really appealing on the table, I would draft him. even if he goes NFL, we all know a later round NFL draft has minimal stick around potential.

Yes, Draft Heenan. Riskiy because of NFL offers.........but that is likely the case for any of the top 3-5 picks in the draft.

All the changes........too bad because Fantuz is forced to wait and see what the changes are whether he likes the scenario. This likely means FA's (mainly Andy and Shologan) wait and wait and then Feb 15th comes and they'll get some attention.

Esks will want Shologan. But they have Ted laurent and you can only start 2 tackles. Esks run mainly a 3-4 versus a 4-3. But with tow ratio changers at tackle a 4-3 can easily look pretty good? I also hope we can re-sign Freeman.

Who won't be back, Graeme Bell, Simpson, Makowsky, G'speed, Gauthier, Hudson, Nick Graham, Jason Clermont, Dinwiddie, Remond Willis, Dario Romero, Sean Lucas.

Maybe's - Cates

it will be interesting to see if Andy not dressing, not getting big numbers and having a couple drops will deter NFL attention.

I’m pretty sure Fantuz will not be going NFL again. That’s just the reality.

Also, I’d say That Brandon West will be the new RB. I’d like to see Cates stay as a mentor/backup.

Yes Depop, my main concern is Fantuz going open market and other CFL clubs trying a run.

He’ll be 28. His season in 2011 was non-existant. NFL won’t be calling.

More changes in Riderville, 2nd season in a row? Pro’s like Andy may settle for this and they might look around. We’ll have a GM and HC hired well before FA in February?

The riders say his re-signing is top priority. But Andy won’t sign until he’s comfortable with the guys we bring in.

Andy being hurt…that might make Andy think he needs to lock into a 3-4 yr deal. Get the contract because you don’t want to be injured goods.

Pay Andy enough to stay, or trade him down east. But you better get at least a damn good linebacker or DE for him that can make a big difference to our D.

well, it is too late to trade him, so that option is out.

I don't think it is too late to trade Andy?

If he really is open to testing FA then any team that wants him will make a conditional trade involving his signing a contract. I admit, alot of moving pieces?

Put it this way. We all want the guy back. Hopefully he signs before Feb 15th and I am sure Taman will field lots of calls about trading the guy. But Taman will likely decline everything.

We just have to sit and wait and see how it unfolds. But nobody wants Andt traded or gone via FA. We want the guy back.

The trading deadline has passed. Once it reopens Andy will be an unrestricted FA. It is too late. Even if they could trade him...who would trade for a player who has no binding contract? Their only hope of trading would be to sign first, and if you can sign him why trade him, unless you just are not willing to pay the 200K a year.