How Many Trick Or Treaters Did You Have Tonight?

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"Ring, ring" is the worst - especially from salespeople during dinner. If I could pull it off, I wouldn't have a phone in my home.

never answer the phone unless we know who is calling.

80% of the calls we get on our land line are telemarketers and that is not a statement on how many friends we have calling. My cell phone, which doesn’t take pictures or perform laser eye surgery, is almost never on and when I do need it, it has a notice that I’ve missed over 9000 calls. They are all ads.

Invasion of privacy is one of the worst aspects of the new age… I love my phone answering machine and call-display as much as my TV mute button.

I wish I would use the answering machine more. I HATE the sound of a ringing phone so I am quick to answer it - when I should wait the 6 rings and let it go to the answering machine.

We can reset the number of rings before the machine answers. It’s an oldie but goodie answering device. So many times my wife wants to answer and I say no. We wait and there is no message left. So, if you won’t leave a message, the call can not have been that important.

Should get yourself the announcing phone feature .

Had it for years from Panasonic and it announces name if not blocked and numbers .

Also blocks telemarketers numbers if you add them to your block list .

Will block private name and number if you want as well .

we have all services with telus so when our phone rings the display shows up on our tv. If we don’t recognized the number, we don’t move.

Cool feature .

Love some of the new tech when it works right .

Give kids candy at your house on the last day of October, you’re a great person.

Try the same thing November 1st and they’ll call the cops.

#weird world

Great idea but we hardly watch any TV.