How Many Trick Or Treaters Did You Have Tonight?

At my house, the over / under will be 25.

6 so far…

13 and climbing…

4 but we are on a small cul-de-sac and most people here don’t do Halloween.

About 15 so far . . . first year in new house/neighbourhood, so not sure what to expect. Lots of very young kids so far.

I’m at 15, too.

Maxed out at 17, tonight.

Raked the lawn in the dark - always easier when the leaves are wet.

as if I care about insects and birds.

the only good bird is one I can eat

Ended up somewhere in the neighbourhood of 60!

And I never rake my leaves . . . just mulch them up and “leave” them as fertilizer.

I saw that article earlier. It's silly.

Re : “60”


I think we got our last Trick Or Treater at about 6:45.

stating late here. 6:15 and the streets are still bare.

edit: first group arrives at 6:30

…maybe a dozen or so…but a buddy of mine in a suburb says there’s like fifty kids walking around on any given street in his neighborhood…

We got under 50 though didn’t do an exact count. Despite a good number of kids in the area, it’s s record low here.

We ended up with 22 which is a record since we moved here 3 years ago . We live on a nice quiet side street with only 12 houses total for the entire street . Last year I think we only got around 6 kids total for the whole night . The year before that I think it was only 4 kids total and tons of candy left over for yours truly 8).

Last year and year before well over a 100 in an old subdivision . Would decorate house with flash and storm noise . Liked the fun never understood someone not enjoying the kids excitement for the night .

This year in a new house 9 in total .

Just a lit jack o latern for decoration . Had a feeling it would be slow and was giving out huge handfuls of candy .

Last one before 7 pm . Nothing after 7pm .

8:10 and they still coming.

Gonna have nightmares about my doorbell

I don't like the sound of a doorbell, either. The sound stresses me out.

What I hate MORE :

The sound of a ringing phone. That's the worst!

DING DONG ! personal attacks please...

When a child goes door to door as his father in a warm SUV drives along side and stops at each house, which I noticed twice on our street last night, it’s time to eliminate all the fun out of Halloween. Cancel Candy Collection! It’s getting in the way of life for many adults.