how many tickets have been sold?

Anyone heard how many tickets have been sold..

At last check, there are a little over 2,000 tickets remaining for tomorrow's game.

Still lots of great seats left!

But I can't imagine that many seats being available for much longer. There is a 0% probability of precipitation for tomorrow evening, and I don't need to tell you how important this game against our rivals is.

But the Argo fans are not as optimistic about winning in Steeltown as they have been in recent years. So they may not be buying tickets in the normal quantity - which leaves extra tix for Ticat fans.

Great tickets still available, but for how much longer?

Some fun facts about attendance so far this year:
Through the three games we've played at IWS this year, we've averaged 27,294 fans per game.
(only 26,820 if you count pre-season)

For games against the argos we've gotten 3.5% more fans in for argo games than for non-argo games this year (27,911 vs 26,986)

predicted attendance...
28,250 or somewhere around there.
predicted score...
28-22 Ticats.



Bob where you ever Employed as a Carnal Barker.

I Believe it was Barnum Bailey
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when people would not leave his Side Shows.

Egress Means Exit.. :lol:


What is it with those last 1500 seats at IWS that nobody wants to sit there...maybe a few prizes for some select seats in that section would do the trick. I would think they would be better seats then sitting in the 500 level at Skydome.

2000 seats left according to the home page.