It will no doubt be a sellout by Monday at noon or at the end of the day. The Riders brass is telling everyone not to lineup as they will sell via the internet and telephone before the lineup ever gets its share.
Which brings me to the title of the thread.
How many seats could the team sell?
And why not now while the going is extremely hot and especially after last year, the rabid fans and the city and all of the citizens deserve a new multi purpose dome of some 40,000 seats that can be expanded to let's say 50,000 for these type of playoff games and the GC.
Sorry to say again, Mosaic is a grand very old lady whose time has come, it is a delapidated dump in need of a wrecking ball. Putting more good money into repairs and renovation is a bad idea.

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I agree a new stadium makes way more sense (financial and common) but I am on the fence about the dome. Saskatchewan football is based on battling the elements. However if you were planning on bringing in major concerts or other sporting events, then a dome would be a good idea so it could be utilized all 12 months. To me, it just would not feel right walking into a dome in Regina.

Also, I'm not sure about building a 40,000 seat stadium. Yes we are doing great right now but I think it would take one or 2 bad seasons and the number of bandwagon jumpers would get off. I would like to think I would be wrong with that guess but it was not long ago when we weren't selling that many seats. If a new stadium were to be built I would say more around 35,000 with expansion up to around 40,000. Just my opinion...

40,000? They aren't that many people in the whole territory err.. province? Are they even a province?

I suppose with that always 2/3rds empty inflated bag you call a stadium, I can only assume that British colony you call home has fewer people than Saskatchewan...I mean based upon the empty vs full stadiums of the two teams....

So that is how the population of BC is so high... a lot of men count their inflatable girlfriends as wives... :lol: :lol: :lol:

I would agree with the 35K figure if a new stadium were built, with expansion to 40 or 45K for the playoffs. A new stadium is a few years down the road though. I would expect to see a new home for the Riders for at least another 5 to 10 yrs, if it gets built at all.

Someone fell asleep through History…

A new stadium is asking for too much.
Our BOD hummed and finally hawed itself into a small bleacher addition. I just don't see anybody with the fortitude required for a large cap.venture.
Look around our wonderful booming economy, the Riders are the hottest ticket in the sports market, we have an expanded longterm fan base and yet all our BOD can do is 2500 temp. seats.

Just seems strange that with the all the big dollar build on spec. high risk projects going on in our province, the Riders won't take full advantage of it's own legitimate market rush...I think the reward out weights the risk...........Oh well, cheers to dreams of expansion ...........

There is a 1000X more things to do in BC than there is in SK. The people are great, but let's face it, there is jack all going on here other than the Riders....

I think Saskatchewan deserves a new stadium. One thing is as the gentleman pointed out above a couple bad seasons and the bandwagon could deplete. On the other hand it seems as if the CFL is becoming a hotter brand as each year goes on, which is another thing to consider.

And math and english but I still got an A in smackology 101. Its playoffs! Lighten up chef.

Which is why you are on the wrong thread. Take your goofiness back to the Smack down thread, where most people do it in fun, and stop acting like the entire forum has been opened to your dreck. Really. I mean play-offs, no play-offs, Swervin says, "this has been a recording".

It doesn't take a couple bad seasons, it takes a couple bad games. The Hamilton game wasn't sold out until the morning of the game. 31k is a good size and will continue to sell out.

But on topic, I would say they could probably sell something in the 40-42k range this year, if the stadium would allow. But they would only get that for the playoffs. I'd say labour day would be 38k and BC, Edmonton, and Calgary would draw about 34-35k. 31k is pushing the limit for a team from the East.

Lifting the blackout and maintaining the sellouts is also a key to their marketing strategy. Build up the fanbase with as much exposure as possible.

I don't want too stray off topic but..
If the Riders cared about maximum exposure they would not charge fees too access Riderville...

As far as ticket sales. I think with aggressive marketing we could reach a 38k avg.

Can't do that. Then all those poor ET Cult followers wouldn't feel special....

You could probably get 40,000 or more for a home playoff game, but during the regular season once they expanded the capacity to 30,945 it wasn't selling out until a few days before the games. I think ideally a 35,000 stadium would be perfect, but it would still be a challenge to sell out.

The Riders could probably sell close to 40,000 for a playoff game, but what would a 40,000 seat stadium do to regular season ticket sales? It isn’t that long ago that the Riders were averaging 24,000 per game. 24,000 in a 40,000 seat stadium wouldn’t have the same atmosphere or home field advantage that Taylor Field has.

I wonder how much of the Rider’s sellout streak has to do with the scarcity of tickets. If there was an extra 10,000 tickets available, would attendance go up or down? Probably it goes up, but if there is no rush to buy tickets because there is lots available, maybe it goes down.

There will be a debate about seating capacity , but the other is location. There is talk of relocating the rail lines that run along TF, but that is very costly. You could build in another location, but if you have to travel way out to the boonies to get to the new stadium , that isn't a great prospect either. A new stadium on the old location would be ideal, but that would include moving the rail lines. I would guess that the total cost would be $200 million, if not substantially more. I don't know if the taxpayers of Regina(or the province for that matter) want to foot the bill for a new football stadium.

Exactly, in it’s current state it’s difficult to get tickets, which creates a high demand for them. You can also charge more when they are in such high demand and people have no choice but to pay.

I know in years past, they use to open up the field in the end zone for general admission price. If I recall the reason they stopped was safety/fire regulations? If I am wrong maybe someone can correct.
Regardless for a playoff game why not just open it up again erect some sort of seating allocations and get another couple of thousand.