How many threads is news going to start on the same game

One or two is enough


6 more threads on tonights game already.

why dont they just make one for every play

stupid stupid stupid


But watch how fast threads gets locked and merged when its by members

I'll try to reduce it a bit by taking the topic creation thing off of Videos on (but leaving Articles and the Game Tracker topics).


That would be great Sully because frankly it is unnecessary , annoying and unwarranted to clutter up the board with 4 or 5 different cfl.CA threads that basically all say the same thing . I'm not sure if you've noticed but the majority of these threads go by with very few replies from forum members .

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maybe re consider my suggestion to have these threads in a separate "latest" column just for news?

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I don't think we have that level of customization; now that we've simplified the forum situation by outsourcing the hosting and the code, we're more limited in our abilities.

After today's games I'll be pushing a fix mentioned above; it should help quite a bit.

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so Sully, if I understand this right, is the story first put on the main page, and then the link posted here.

If so, then I wonder why the original posters feel the need to create so many different stories on the main page about the same game in the first place.