How many teams do you want?

How come? Too public? Because by all accounts he's very fan-friendly.

ro1313, is that all? I thought the list of threads was double that! :lol: :lol:

Seriously 10 is a realistic number.

Ottawa for sure, and then the search will begin for a Owner with deep pockets for one of two locations. Either the Maratimes or Quebec City. US Expansion will kill the Canadian teams as pointed out numerous times in most of ro1313's lists. Judging by how long its taken Ottawa who already had a Stadium (Even as bad as shape as it is) to find SUITABLE owners. It will take just as long if not longer to find owners for either of those two areas. Then will come the debate of financing a CFL size Stadium. I'll bet we would be lucky to see the tenth team by 2015, and thats being real optimistic.

He's fan friendly if you agree with him... I've seen him get into it with fans at games before.

I would like to see 10 teams by 2012, and maybe another two in the future. Anything above 12 is unrealistic. The only way you could get more than 12 would be to try US expansion again, and into cities don't have a chance at getting an NFL team.

Im in a jokey mood so I'l try and cheer you up. I can relate to your frustration. You are right, it's going to be in the multi millions to get a team. You are also right that there are too many threads on the topic. But on who, I must say you are wrong. Business consortiums are just one other example of potential buyers of a CFL team. Could you stop abusing your role and giving me headaches? Thats waaaay too much red ink, LOL!


A)What role?
B)How am I wrong? Because some buisness consortium can buy a team? Yes they can but that doesnt change the fact that arguing where is pointless untill there is a who!

16 teams would be purrfect, but 12 or even 10 would be good also...or 9 or 8 teams is fine too, as long as I have the Lions to cheer on and a league to support.

10 teams for sure. 12 may be a stretch, but may be possible.

If you want to bring in foreign owners, forget Mark Cuban, how about Richard Branson? Doesn't the CFL just seem like something he'd do? Being British we won't have to worry about him wanting to change our league to NFL rules.

As mentioned earlier, it's about finding solid people who can run a the sky is the limit..if there were 20 teams all run fairly well, that would be great. But realistically the league will be lucky just to get Ottawa back up and running, I just can't see any other city in Canada getting a team within the next decade. US expansion (to me) is a bad idea, although Anchorage is intriguing. With a population approaching 300,000 and a relatively isolated community, I could see it rallying around a team. Just my 2 cents.

i would like to see 10 in the next 5 years, 12 in the next 25, and 16 in the next 50. There aren't many choices however
Realistically:Ottawa, Moncton, Halifax, London, Quebec City
Maybe in 30 years: Kingston, Rochester, Kitchener, Saskatoon, Lethbridge, etc.

i agree...just look at all the home and home series played last season and this season ( toronto at edm week 3, then edm at toronto week 4 )...i hate that crap. i feel like im watching re-runs of last week.

thats a sure fire sign that we NEED more teams...last years scheduling really killed alot of my CFL passion ( as one might notice from my significant drop in off-season posting ).

that said, 10, 11 or 12 teams in the next 10 years would be great ( ottawa, QC and halifax )...this way we only see the same match-ups a couple times a season.

I agree. Adding more teams would get rid of the back-to-backs. Edmonton ended last season with 3 of them. And I believe we have a bunch again this year. The only back-to-backs we should have are the Labour Day Classics.

Hopefully Ottawa can get back soon.

i also hate when, for example; toronto plays BC twice in the first 4 weeks then not again all season...yet play winnipeg over and over and over...arg!

The league will be 11 teams tops. And I'm talking distant future. Those cities will be Ottawa, followed by Halifax and QC. But like I said distant future due to Stadium issues and whatever.

  2. nfl rejects??? Pay a little more attention!

You need the first two and the last two will follow. Right now Ottawa has the first two. Nobody else has the first two.

....Ottawa might have the first two Sporty, but I'm unconvinced they have sufficient quantities of the third criteria to make a go of, convince me Ottawa...

But at least Ottawa has 2 out of 4. Every where else is 0 out of 4

Ottawa's current "stadium" is unfit for much of anything, let alone a professional franchise. It certainly won't help draw fans in the crucial early years of a new club.

Ottawa needs a brand new, attractive, financially viable stadium — not a crumbling home for vermin.

So really, all Ottawa has at this point (unless I missed some really big news) is owners.