How many teams do you want?

An 8 team leauge,it's what built the CFL

and those teams are here to stay

but how many teams should the leauge have?

keep in mind to field a team you need
4.Players worth playing(keep in mind all we have is home grown talent that wont bolt to the NFL,and NFL rejects that didn't choose the AFL and now the AAFL)

main cities getting/wanting teams

Ottawa(all they need is new south side seats then there ready to go)

Halifax, Moncton, Quebec City, London, and Windsor are the others

NO US teams,although Anchorage Alaska wouldn't be so far fetched,would be the only western city worth looking at

I simply want enough teams to appease enough people so that this board remains free and clear of expansion topics forever. That is all.

I could be satisfied with about 30 Teams, give or take a couple

Yeah...the CFL could be the new NHL...

I say 10

home at home w/every team

12- 6 east 6 west, now in what cities?

I think ten is realistic and anything else is not for at least twenty five years. I could see twelve teams by 2040 when Canada's population will be more than forty million.

Where that tenth team will be is anybody's guess at this point. The maritimes would be fantastic but there's really nothing happening there now that makes me believe they'll get a team in my lifetime. Moncton is simply too small a city and its new stadium will be too small and inadequate as a stadium 21st century fans have come to expect. Québec City seems like a logical choice given its size, but again, there is apparently nothing happening stadium-wise.

So, that leaves maybe London as a prospective site for a team, if some development team steps up with a plan there. It certainly has the population to support a team.

I think we should get used to having nine teams for the next several years, and that's IF Ottawa gets it act together with a proper stadium befitting a modern national capital.


Funny how the people who are against expansion already have their own teams.
What a small minded attitude.

CFL doesn't have to go crazy like the NHL did, but on the other hand it has been too small for too long.

There's bigger and better cities in this country to place franchises now, as compared to 40 years ago.

The original 8 just doesn't cut it anymore.
New teams with new fans will only make the league stronger. Edmonton-Montreal meeting in the Grey Cup every other year gets stale.

Expansion to 12 teams within 10 years would be ideal.

I'd like to see 12. Perhaps something along these lines could be realistic.....

West Central East

BC Hamilton Halifax
Calgary London Montreal
Edmonton Toronto Ottawa
Sask Winnipeg Quebec City


East West

BC Halifax
Calgary Hamilton
Edmonton Montreal
London Ottawa
Skn Quebec City
Winnipeg Toronto

Perhaps Windsor or Moncton could be substituted on this list but I'd prefer the above.

Just my opinion.

Wow that didn't turn out looking like it was meant to lol.
But you can figure it out lol.

It's funny how those who are for aggressive expansions have no owners, no stadiums, no business plans, and judging by the size of some of the proposed locations (with no stadiums), not enough fans either.

I may be "small minded" but I'm not unrealistic and living in a fantasy world. Show me the money and maybe I'll change my mind. Until then there is NOTHING to suggest expansion is even possible.

That’ll be the day…

But I’d say 10. Get Ottawa back and another team to even things out. I hate odd numbers. :lol:

I have been saying that since day 1. Some think that all the league has to do is just snap their fingers and POOF there is a new team.

No one is against expansion, find someone with a few extra million dollars who is willing to start up a team and that team will be welcomed with opened arms.

As for the owners i'd like to see US owners take part in the CFL,Mark Cuban for 1 is a great choice,now he's investing in the UFL(starts in 09) and Paul Allen

why have a 2nd or 3rd,or 4th rate AFL,AAFL,UFL team in the US when you can own a pronimate CFL team where you don't have to compete with the NFL so much

........and they could build a CFL stadium with mear change,comapered to the multi million dollar state of the art nfl stadium

i like 10 at this point. Ottawa although i am still against a doubled folded city getting a 3rd chance. and then Halifax or Quebec City. just need someone to step in and take charge of a stadium and hold true values about owning a team.

What is wrong in speculating on possible CFL expansion?
Ottawa's in again for better or worse.
There's a potential stadium in MOncton.
Quebec City could expand their stadium.
London has a stadium that can be expanded.
YOu guys in the original 8 can talk about your teams.
Us outside of the league should be allowed to speculate on what it will take to get into the league.

10 12 should be the max

Ehh... I'd rather not have Mark Cuban come over here.

And berezin, where exactly do you live? I thought you lived in Toronto.

What is there to speculate?
I can tell you right now what it will take!
A millionaire who wants a team!
There is nothing wrong with discussing expansion. The problem is when there are 2 or 3 threads about it on every page!

I posted this last November

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How many new ones since then?
Including stadium threads, there are 6 right now on the first page