How many season ticket non renewals....

Weedman, I cannot afford to pay $650/ticket when I'll only be going to about 2 MAYBE 3 games next season. Guess I'm not a "real" fan, eh?

since when do they need a full stadium to survive? they have never really had that have they? good attendance the last few years but other than that they have lasted this long and its not up to me to pay for something that isnt worth it to keep it alive. Make it worth it to me. They have some diehards, about 15k and some other casual fans that will come at times but other than that, it is what it is. Bob wont dump this team just yet. His next move will be getting a sweet deal on a stadium and hosting a grey cup, the team is safe without fans giving them money for fear of them leaving. Get a quality product. Bob hasnt fear mongered and I dont think he will so why should fans on here do it? there were 18k at that labor day game with earl in it posted here and that was a competative fun team, there are no glory years of full stadiums game in and game out that people seem to have dreamed up.

according to the owner we dont make money with a full stadium either.this city has never been a season ticket town . they have always relied on the walk up crowd. the last few years the season ticket base finally staarted to rise,but due to lack of product and poor price planning i'm afraid the season base will once again fall.

The reality is that this franchisehas failed mutiple times with 15-18000 fans per game. Its not fear mongering it is fact. If the team succeeds or fails to remain viable for an owner really relies on the fans paying the price to keep the losses to a level the owner is willing to endure. Do you really feel that I have stated anything that is untrue? I don't have a problem if the city of Hamilton choses to ignore the pro sports franchises or support them but I'm not foolish enough to think that lack of support won't kill that pro franchise. Sure I'll grieve the loss just as I did prematurely in the 90s. I cried the entire season finale game that time and I'll do the same if it happens again. I won't be angry, just very depressed.

It's understandable if financial or unavoidable commitments prevent someone from purchasing seasons tickets. However, those who feel boycotting will send some sort of message risk losing the team entirely. Those who wish to roll that dice should then display the courage of their convictions and boycott this fan site as well.

i think if the team is to remain viable,its not up to the fans to pay the price,its up to the owner to give the fans something worth paying that price. something he has failed to do.remember the owner stated if the fans stay away its not their fault its his. guess what? it started to any business if you overcharge for a bad product you cant blame the consumer for not purchasing said product.

Make no mistake. It is up to the owner to give us an entertaining product and that not doing so certainly has a huge effect on ticket sales.The bottom line is that the team will be viable if people buy tickets even if there is no entertainment value but the team will fail without ticket sales even if its great entertainment value. Ultimately fans have the final say as to the viablity of the team. I happen to agree with you but some jokers say that they WANT 15000 per game.

How many times does the team need to go bankrupt before you understand we need a full stadium or the Cats simply won't be there for anyone including the 15,000 faithful.
you said that, I dont believe that is true. the team has never played to a full stadium on a regular basis,ever. 15k care enough to pay no matter what, the rest dont and and will come casually,that is a proven fact in this city and if an owner doesnt accept it he is dreaming. Filling the stadium at discounted seats may do him better in the long run then pricing them out of affordability and insulting some of the most loyal of fans with ridiculous increases in seats that used to be good, now they are ultra-super-good and must be increased. Give the fans something to pay to see, then maybe they will.

Regardless of the team's recent win/loss records, what else is there to do in Hamilton on a late summer night? Watch the smoke stacks dissipate? Most people biatching about the costs spend more than that on their monthly LCBO account.

The CFL is the best professional sports entertainment value available and if petty union-esque griping causes the demise of the franchise then I guess you all will eventually get what you deserve. The same sorry story is being told in the CAW plants where arrogant unions chase jobs right out of town.

Get used to ghost town status. If you can't handle personal responsibility then eventually you'll lose the opportunities life presents you.

I love this comment. Just wanted to congratulate you on it. I can name a couple people that subscribe to this theory lol

I'm just really frustrated with all this whinning, Crash.

I've seen it happen over and over. Make no mistake, 15000 WILL kill the franchise unless Bob Young can find a buyer that believes he can make it work where nobody else has for 30 years

Believe me I hear ya... same thing over and over, "my ticket prices are too high" "Why raise the prices of the premium tickets" "Lancaster had a plot to secretly destroy the Cats from within" ... its the same old garbage complaints with no evidence, rational or base.

Its tough to expect people to pay for something the people in my group couldnt give away last year. I think its hard for true ticats fans to accept that other than the die hards, most people in this city really just dont care about the cats and if they did bankruptcy for lack of sales would never be an issue. I love them, I will be sad if they go, but I will not throw my money at them if they are not entertaining me just to keep them afloat. The die hards are free to buy as many tickets as they want to help bob out, there is no limit to how many tickets you can buy.

I've seen it happen over and over. Make no mistake, 15000 WILL kill the franchise unless Bob Young can find a buyer that believes he can make it work where nobody else has for 30 years
bob thinks he can do it, we will see. he bought the team knowing how bad attendance has been historically even when we played well and won. The cats dont have good attendance, period. He attracted a lot of fans but the product was bad. Now he has lost a lot of the new fans and is putting the cost on the back of his most loyal of fans. There are some fans who will pay any increase to save and support the team, hats off to ya. There are other fans who will spend there money elsewhere and I respect them for that choice and will not cry to them to come or the team will go bankrupt, that was tried for years and didnt work. I dont think bob will ever play that card.

Nor do I. He'll just fold or sell the team if it loses too much money. I don't b;lame people for not renewing, the product has been horrible for years now. The fact is that some are in complete denial that the team won't fail without fan support and actually WANT a return to the days that guarentee finacial failure. That I cannot understand

the problem isnt the 15k that will always come, its the 10k on top of that who need a reason. I will never abandon the team but I cant justify season tickets after last year when I skipped the last few games cus nobody in my group had the motivation to bother going, that is scary. I will walk up and buy cheapies, thats all they deserve from me for what they have given me in form of entertainment. Most who cancel will probably do the same, flex packs are a good deal also.

The problem isn’t that you can only make a few games. Its the facts you were doing a happy dance at the prospect of small crowds

it is nice to stretch out

And like I said to you before, that will ultimately result in going to Toronto to get your CFL fix. If you are happy with that prospect, fine but be honest with yourself