How many season ticket non renewals....

do people know of? I know of about 5 in my group.

hey goof!!!! why do you care who leaves!!! Why not try to keep the friends you have, than worry about the quiters in your group. In my group, NONE have given up there tickets and we are thinking of buying more for the BIG BROTHERS!!!!!!

because I can ask what ever I want.... and because of their stupid ticket pricing for 2008, they are losing tons of season ticket holders, whether you or they want to face this reality.

They are losing my 2 seats (in Box "I"). I cannot budget that much money, nor can I make it to more than a handful of games.

4 for various reasons

to sit with his wife because his motherinlaw who was her seatmate can no longer make the games (health)

the team has been aweful and he's stayed home for more than 1/2 the games the past 2 seasons. I think he will come back in the future but only if the team improves dramatically

The guy got married and cannot afford tix for both him and his wife. I'd split the season with him but he wants the cheap seats and a pair to boot.

Me. Nobody to go with and I'm now working shifts making it impossible to catch more than half of the games. I was looking to see if I could find someone in a similar position that might want decent seats and it looks from the response in another thread I may be able to work something out

BTW sig PM me if you might be intersted in keeping yours if you had someone commit to buying some of them

I'm giving up 4 in Box C, my time has been wasted far too much over the last 3 years going to games that I know will not even be close and that do not mean anything.

I'll buy some flex tickets and go when I feel like going or when the game means something. I hope for the day that there is no question in my mind that I will get season tickets again because I think it is worthwhile, unfortunately right now I have absolutely no positive thoughts on the team going into the 08 season. We are going into the second week of January and we still do not have a defensive co-ordinator.

Look at the Dolphins, they hired Parcel and almost immediately a new coach was hired, that is how a team should be run. Our management hums and haas, drives me nuts!

I don't think Iam going anymore....I feel grumpy today tomorrow and the next day. :cry: :cry: :cry: maybe ill change my mind. :smiley:

i was thinkin i might get a pair after not having seasons since 2005. (no one to consistantly go with, and thus split gas/driving with...)

Hmmm thats interesting seeing how the Dolphins dont have a head coach.

Guys like you make headline sports look right for calling our fans nuts like in thier comercials!Our care for this team and express themselfs loudly but there is no need for name calling!:wink:

I have been A TiCat Fan Since 1972, buying Seasons Tics since 1986, why stop NOW, thats what fan support is all about. You have the UP’S and you have the DOWN’S.

SUPPORT—Y O U R - T E A M. :thup:

i am cancelling 2 since its back to the good ol days, GENERAL ADMISSION!!! Buy a less than cost scalper and sit wherever you want. WOOT!!!!!!!! The new fans are gone, its back to the 15k that really care and the glory days. i cant wait!!! Bob sold the sizzle but no steak and now we have our stadium back to enjoy without new fans who didnt fit in anyways.

Better hope there is more than 15 000 fans or you wont have a team to cheer for.

When are the renewals being sent out? Here it is January and I am still waiting.

“Hmmm thats interesting seeing how the Dolphins dont have a head coach.”

I meant GM smart a*s

I also agree with the General Admission comment. Scalper tickets will be cheap again due to a lack of demand.

15k that really care is all I mean and there will be more at games but its just getting corrected. The new owner attracted some new fans for a while but through the years I think its always gonna be about 15k who really care and will be there no matter what. You can sit anywhere basically so why pay inflated prices?

Everyone is free to do as they wish, however, boycotting the team will result in their extinction. Then what will ya all have to gloat about?

You do realize the team doesn't make money with only 15,000 and people buying the cheap seats to move over to the expensive ones. How many times does the team need to go bankrupt before you understand we need a full stadium or the Cats simply won't be there for anyone including the 15,000 faithful. What you are wishing for in effect is for your only CFL option to be to go up the QEW to watch the Argos

As far as I know, we will be renewing our tickets (4). This will be 36 yrs so why quit now! I think we started off with about 10 and it has dropped off over the years. Usual reasons, moving away, cost but mostly disappointment. We have actually had brief talks about packing it in ourselves.

If we all live up to our part of the bargain, the team better damn well live up to their end this year because I really think that would be the end for a lot of people if they don't.

I think most of these whino's are from other teams and the real Ticat fans are renewing their tickets...Go Cats Go.