How many roster spots available for camp?

so just a simple question.. right now including lefors.. bombers are sitting at...about 70 players on the roster.

whats the max they are allowed to bring to camp? i see none of the rookies (watson,smith,woodson) have signed yet.. do they count towards this final number or are they exempt? how about the laval back we signed and the undrafted ionnides, do they count?

right now im looking and see about 70. i see alot of ol, i see alot of lb's and alot of wr's but i dont see alot of db's.

im just wondering can we fit anyone else on the roster right now or would we have to release some guys (lefors,jules,kordic,some rookies).

and what the heck, play fantasy gm for abit folks :stuck_out_tongue: if we do have to get rid of players for a few other db's or a few other players to come in, who would u get rid of and way to make room for lets say.. hefney, doggett. <-- as an example cuz i dont think they are coming back anytime soon. but who would u get rid of to make room for players like that :slight_smile:

and i like serna but he's american, yes i like him, liked him his first year too, just a likeable guy... showed he can do the job last year but.. he is american, why not bring in an extra kicker or two.. even just for some competition for lil lex.

scott dixon, chris bodnar.. why arent we looking at bringing these guys in?

;;;;;how many spots are we allowed????.....i dunno.... :lol: ... seriously, I'm sure we are over the limit now...and the cutting knife will surely have to come out soon before tc......I'm a little disappointed/concerned that we haven't brought in more dbs.....UNLESS Mack has something up his sleeve (trade) or he knows something about the guys down south we don't :wink: ( more than likely)...We will defintely have to build some strength/depth in the linebacker area as well....Joe Lo seems to have a problem staying healthy for any length of time...Something that has me puzzled??????WHY haven't we made a move with LeFors.....Is he still a part of the plan for 2010....ORRRRRRR are we keeping him around for a 'just in case'....I know he said he wanted to retire UNLESS we re-do his contract...We should either 'poop' or get off the pot with regard to Stefan....doesn't seem like a good idea for his future or our roster spots?????


Training camp rosters are set at 68 plus all non-counters (i.e. draft picks and two additional players not selected in the current draft year).

Here's the rule:

Training camp rosters are set at 68 plus all non-counters (i.e. draft picks and two additional players not selected in the current draft year).
We've got 70 on the roster at the moment but that includes Chris IOANNIDES (WR) Queen's, and Darren HINDS (OL) Saskatchewan, who I believe are 'non-counters'.

I suspect that Lefors will be suspended on the first day of training camp. That way they hang on to his rights in case Hufnagel, who had good things to say about Lefors last year and is in the market for a back-up QB, wants to trade for him.

edit: I was counting roster numbers when Blue Blood posted.

....good chess move by the Bombers IF that's why we;re hanging on to LeFors rights, Fred.....I didn't hear of the interest from Huffer, although it doesn't surprise me looking at the depth behind Burris....I thought the argos might have an interest as well, at a later date....guess we'll see :roll:

During the off-season, the numbers are: 75 +current year draft choices+current year 2 protected players + players drafted previous year who were juniors or returned to school. Once training camp begins, the 75 becomes 68 + + and +.

Presently, my team-the Als- have 83 players-excluding 2 drafted players who signed with NFL teams and 1 Junior- on their off-season roster. It consits of 75 +4 players drafted this year + 2 current year protected players + 2 players eligible for last year draft who were in school. On June 6,2010 they will have to be to 68 +4 +2 +2 or 76.-unless the collective agreement changes-

Winnipeg could presently have as much as 80 players on their off-season roster.


all over this site your posts are very informative richard, thanks!

4 draft picks + 2 non-counters + 68 = 74 so far by my count.

During the off-season it is 75. 75 +4 +2 =81

Once" official" training camp starts, i.e. June 6, it will be 68 +4 +2 or 74. Until then, they can be up to/have as many as 81.


By my quick count, we are only at 70 players including the draft picks and non-counters, which means we still have room for 4 more counters.

Seems a bit odd at this stage to only have 64 of 68 bodies for camp ?

I was under the impression for some reason that the allowed training camp roster doesn’t take effect until the main camps open and u can have a few extra bodies in for rookie camp which is usually the first 3-4 days of camp. Don’t know why I thought that.

As at May 24,2010 the total players on CFL rosters are as follows:

Montreal Total of 83. 44 imports and 39 non-imports.
BC Total of 76. 45 imports and 31 non-imports.
Saskatchewan Total of 75. 43 imports and 32 non-imports.
Toronto Total of 75. 38 imports and 37 non-imports.
Edmonton Total of 74. 42 imports and 32 non-imports.
Winnipeg Total of 70. 40 imports and 30 non-imports.
Calgary Total of 68. 42 imports and 26 non-imports.
Hamilton Total of 66. 36 imports and 30 non-imports.

       Grand totals:   587. 330 imports and 257 non-imports.
             Percent:   100% 56.2% imports and 43.8% non-imports.

In terms of non-imports, Calgary has,at least to me, problems in terms of numbers and quality. A few injuries and the problems will be worse.
Halmilton has signed between 7 and 9 imports from their California try-out camp of May 15,2010. Not on their roster,yet.
Only Montreal and BC have signed all their :eligible" draft choices.

In the next week of so, we can expect more signatures/announcements, paticularly from Winnipeg,Hamilton and Calgary.


Since May 24,2010, Winnipeg is the only team that has seen its off-sesason roster decreased; hence,it went from 70 to 69. Non-import Stan van Sichem -acquired from the Als for Gavin Walls- is no longer on the roster,explaining this decrease. Taking into account that LeFors will not be in camp, they have only 68 players and none of their draft choices are included/signed.

Teams such as Montreal,Calgary,Toronto and BC have respectively 83,81,81 and 80 players; Hamilton and Saskatchewan both have 77 players and Edmonton 74 players.


Stan van Sichem is listed on the Bombers roster at but not at the Bombers website. Sometimes the roster at the Bombers site accidently drops players when they do updates. Derek Armstrong isn't on the roster anymore. I've been told there is a medical issue there.

There may be a medical issue with van Sichem too. I recall hearing a few months ago that he had been injured last year and was still not in the best of shape.