How many receptions for Arland Bruce

I say 4 receptions for 75 yards with a big 35 yard gane included .

4-5 would be nice with some yac yards


3, 1 for a TD too :slight_smile:

Just depends on how much he plays. I have noticed that we do a lot of rotating of receivers.

In the end as long as he helps us win I don't care how many catches he has.

But to answer your question, he will have 4 receptions but my crystal ball tells me to watch closely on punt returns...........

He at least have one lol

The Timing Between Him and Porter is Still Very Raw

I hoping 5 or more for 100 yards and a TD.

This article by Drew Edwards on the Hamilton Spectator today suggests that Arland Bruce is picking up the Ticat offensive schemes quickly and will play an increased role at various positions on offence tonight.

gane? gane?

oh my..

The envelope please...


"Hamilton's Cobb led all rushers with 75 yards on 12 carries, while newly acquired Arland Bruce III led Ticat receivers with 78 yards on nine receptions."

Oski Wee Wee,


Toronto's gross overreaction to Bruce's off-field shenanigans has upgraded your receiving corps from "solid" to "dangerous" in one fell swoop. Bruce and Rodriguez are the deep threats, while Davis can tween depending on the situation. If your O.C. can incorporate Stala into the offense as the underneath possession type, watch out, league.

Good game for Bruce 9 grabs for 78 yards

Watching the game last night, I noticed one thing about Bruce. Everytime he caught the ball he looked like he was eager to make a big play. You could tell that he wanted to prove himself to his new team mates and fans.

Agreed !........he looks very pleased to be a Ticat and you can tell he's really focused on being a good team-mate to his new friends and to the organization. I think he's liking this situation a lot and wants to contribute to the team any way he can........even if he's the decoy at times (which is a huge role and benefits the cause) In fact most of our offensive weapons seem to take turns being the decoy. Man, it's been years since we've had this luxury.

Hiring Bruce is turning out to be a brilliant move.

Not bad for the so-called "Cancer in the locker room" wait till labour day :rockin: