How Many qbs.??????

...not really a Bomber concern.(or is it)???? but its looking like a laugher in Montreal...How many qbs. do they have on their roster...Calvillo , Brady... ...Maas....McMahon....Banks...anymore??????...I think Popp is signing everyone that resembles a qb... just to keep them bait....or to keep them off of the Wpg. roster....if its to keep them from signing in the Peg then we have a surprize for Popp....we ain't interested in any of them....EXCEPT.... maybe for Anthony...but he's hurt i guess none.... :smiley:

You should send him Tee Martin as well.

Salary Cap? Spreading the ball around? How does he keep that group happy?

;...sure have to wonder about the cap, sport, is right....??????maybe some of the hats Popp is wearing are a little too tight on the ol cranium.... :lol:

I'm wondering if Calvillo's injury is worse than reported and he is headed to the 9 game injury list.

Well papa as you know I'm an Als fan, and it's a puzzler to me too. AC is injured, yes, but darn it all Brady looked super against one of the league's best defences in BC; we picked up Jason Maas; we have Brad Banks who some observers think has potential; some guy called Proctor on the practice roster. So why the heck he went out and traded to get McMahon totally escapes me.

I think calvillo is done. To old to come back after this.IMO.

.....maybe Calvillo is injured more than Popp wants to he brought in some insurance....well o.k ...maybe a lot of insurance :lol: ....something we are a little short on....Don't know what happens if Glenn can't go....i'm not all that impressed with Dinwiddie...and if Glenn happens to get crunched like A.C. ..we could be in big trouble...we are going to have to go after somebody with some real CFL game experience ...easier said than done... :roll:

Maybe Popp is waiting for that to happen, and he'll trade the Bombers a QB for say a Stegall or Roberts! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Good one Sporty!! Papa’s right,all is well in our Bomberland right now but if Glenn goes down we are up the proverbial creek!!! 2006 all over again!


....only one thing wrong with that sport....IF ..we don't keep Glenn healthy and playing ,we won't being going to any Cup we might as well keep Milt & Charlie around....However if Popp wants to part with AC...(WHEN HE'S A 100%,and not for Blink or Milt)...we'll take him....I think Anthony deserves another shot at a Cup... it would be a nice looking tandem...Glen and Calvillo...i know Berry would be a VERY HAPPY coach indeed, as he really relates to Calvillo ..ARE YOU LISTENING have too many qbs...... :roll: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Oh, lord, please do not get us AC. It’s over for him. Anyway, the real problem last year was O-Line injuries, as long as they are healthy, Glenn will be.