How many QB's Now?

Courtesy of "The Green Zone" on 980 newstalk radio website.

The Riders signed import quarterback Chad Friehauf on Wednesday. Financial details were not released. Friehauf, 6'6" 215lbs, attended the Denver Broncos training camp as a free agent in 2005 after a stellar career at the Colorado School of Mines. He was awarded the Harlon Hill trophy as the top division 2 player. He finsihed as the schools all time leader in passing yards, touchdown passes and completions.

Friehauf was born and rained in Golden, Colorado. He also played two years of basketball at Colorado Mines

How many Quaterbacks do we have signed or on the neg list as of now anybody aware of this?

Kerry joseph will have to pull up his green socks if he wants to extend his career very much longer.

I believe we have four signed - Joseph, Crandell, Durant, and now Friehauf.....not sure about who is on the Neg. List, though.....I'm okay with having competition at QB this pre-season - better than the previous few years when we had the Undisputed Number One, regardless of performance (or so it appeared to lookers-in.....

I know DJ Shockley of the ATL Falcons is on the negotiations list... Hes supposed to be pretty good.

Of course the neg list was published not too long ago, so it is likely relatively current.
But we swapped neg list QBs with Hamilton in the Butler deal, and just picked up a neg list QB from Edmonton for a 3rd round draft pick.
I am not going to bother looking for names.
Chances are pretty good that the 4 we have under contract will be the ones in camp, with an outside chance a 5th guy could be brought in.

But the competition is for back-up, because KJ is the clear #1.

Actually I would say the KJ is the clear #1, and Crandell the #2 guy. The real battle will be for the 3rd roster spot. I would not be suprised to see them keep a 4th QB on the practice roster in case both Joseph and Crandell get injured at the same time- it has already happened once and its possible it could happen again.

Well said Sambo. That makes a lot of sense.

I agree, the only spot that is really up for grabs will be Durant's...and even then, we will likely keep 4 guys.
Durant will need to show progress from last year, or he could be gone, but likely not unless one of the neg list guys comes free.
I sort of assume Austin and ET must see something in Durant though, as they are bringing him back and they felt comfortable trading away Rocky...
The guy we traded the 3rd rounder for obviously will be brought in if his NFL team cuts him in Sept. and we can sign him...I wonder if he will be another KJ in the NFL (safety)
Hopefully we can blow a few teams out this year and actually have the luxury of playing the youngsters...

The name of the QB that we traded a third round pick for is Drew Tate, who played his college ball at Iowa. However, he signed as an undrafted free agent with the St. Louis Rams, so his future is still up in the air. However, i think that he will end up playing in Canada, because, he is considered by most NFL teams as being too short.

and this just came across the TV screen as i was watching NFL Network, The St.Louis Rams have signed new QB , and have waived QB Drew Tate.