How many QBs is this now

WTF, I'm getting really tired of not having a QB who can make it through the year. Sometimes it isn't helped by their own play, often its thanks to the O-line.

Its kinda hard to be a good team on offense if there's a revolving door at QB! :x

I agree and I just don't get it either. Is it just a B.C. Lions thing? It seems that QBs like Calvillo, Burris, Ray and others are able to finish game after game without getting taken out. Injuries are injuries and no one is going out looking to get injured but in B.C. the injuries to QBs are epidemic, no matter who is in there. Maybe it's a lack of O line protection. There's nothing like a 300 pound mack truck coming at you full speed and rearranging your innards.

Remember that game last season when 4 Lions QBs got injured and Champion got thrown to the wolves? Talk about a revolving door. What I find very interesting is what is going on in Winnipeg with Buck Pierce. Is he still playing injury free? If he is then that makes 4 straight games. It's gotta have something to do with the protection he's getting.

here we go again, every year same thing.

Beagle…how could you NOT KNOW that Pierce is out with an injury? He didn’t play last week nor is he playing this. yikes. you got me Flag. :oops: My bad. I tried to look it up but couldn't find anything so assumed he was still playing. Hmmm...wonder when he'll play next. What kind of injury did he sustain? Head? Shoulder again?

gawd…your credibility is s t r e t c h e d.

guess you don’t really follow the cfl…just react to easy stuff in BC.
Too Bad.
I assumed more. my mistake, it won’t happen again.

do you not actually watch the games on the tube, listen to sports news, read the newspaper sports section, etc????

Gee, you guys...... cut me some slack. I'm only allowed to watch the games when the Mrs. says it's okay. We don't get newspapers. Wouldn't make much difference even if we did. And radio reception where we live is terrible although we do pick up the BBC and some station from Rutherford Pennsylvania. As far as the internet is concerned she has parental controls set to "restricted". She's the techie. I'm still trying to figure a work around. As it is I have to sneak on here when she's not around.

well, it would help to understand better if you had bothered to put in your locations, sheesh As far as we know, you could live right next door to buck. :wink:

Hmm... Fascinating exchange - strange, but entertaining. Back to the topic: I don't think the reoccuring problem (KO'd QB's)will disappear any time soon unless the O-line either experiences some kind of amazing 'killer instinct' transformation, immediately goes on steroids, or are all replaced. In the interim, perhaps a LOT of garlic might do the trick(?).