how many qbs have we run out of the steel city?

my era, there is [dave marler], [tom clements],[brock] left on his own to la rams.[hobart] we got rid off.[kerrigan] wins a cup losses a close grey cup then we ran him out lol.after that i guess [dunnigun] got hurt.then [ac cavillo] we ran out.then after two cups 98 99 we hated [d mac] lol.he did get old but a very classy nice guy his work at childrens hospitals is amazing to me ive seen it my nieces eyes lit up when he came [maas] plus many back ups there names go in the awful qb pile[ billy the skid dickkens ]lol. anymore names i forgot.

One. Clements.

The rest played themselves out. Except DMac...who we didn't run out...but if SOME had their way...

mike kerrigan
matt dunigan
anthony calvillo
damon allen
marcus brady
pete gonzalez
ben sankey

Jimmy: I suppose, by your definition, everyone who has ever played for the Ticats - other than those currently on the roster - was "run out of town". And inevitably, all those currently on the roster, will one day be "run out of town".

Other words for it include the following: traded, released, retired. Or not re-signed at end of contract. All are less dramatic, yet still more accurate, than your expression.

everyone that comes here eventually leaves.

Calvillo was less than stellar here…whenever I watched him play he played very poor football. I still think to this day he is extremely over-rated.

Ben Sankey was not run out of town he came up as 4th on the depth chart and was released. He did that to himself.

Matt Dunigan was hurt throughout most of his tenure here. I believe instead of running the gamble with another concussion or injury the organization made the right choice and parted ways with Matt… now you want to see a team that ran him out of town…Calgary…when he was Head Coach.

8) Matt Dunnigan was not run out of town !! He suffered a serious concussion (about his 6th), and was advised by doctors to retire !! He had lingering effects from that last concussion for up to one year after.
    Damon Allen was traded after only one season in Hamilton simply because the owners at that time could not afford to pay his huge contract !!!!

I don't believe for a second that fans have enough influence to run anyone out of town. In some cases, the GMs and coaches see things they don't like about players be it performance, discipline, contract, attitude, age, injuries, etc. In other cases, they trade guys because they're loaded at that position or they can get someone who they think can help their team more. How long would a GM or coach last if he allowed us fickle fans to dictate personnel moves?

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Rocky Butler.