How many points will we need in Winnipeg?

A stat they gave on TSN during the Montreal game was a little disconcerting. Ticats were 7-0 this year (now 8-0) when they scored 30 points or more, and 1-10 when they scored less than 30. And it turns out 44 points in regulation time was not quite enough to win the EDSF outright - we needed OT to do it.

What about next week in Winnipeg? Will we see more of a defensive struggle than we did in Montreal? What do you think is the magic number we will need to reach to have at least 1 more point than the other guys?

This poll is asking how many points you think we will need to score to beat the Bombers. Not how many you'd like us to score.

1 more than Winnipig!
End of story!

we won't need anywhere near as many as we scored today. But every point is going to be about three times harder to get against the 'Peg's defence. Medlock will win the game for us by kicking several long field goals. That's my prediction. 27 points wins it for us.

The key will be the defense. We need to pressure Pierce, and shut down the Peggers offense. I think we are do for some great special teams work, and will score at least once on a kick or kickoff.

30 to 32

Against a team like the Bummers I believe you need at least 30 pts.I believe Marcel knows that to try and shut down the Bummers offence is one damn hard task so I believe the Cats will be twice as focused on scoring points like todays game against the Als. :smiley: By the way,does anybody know if any Bummers are injured? :smiley:


What Bummer team are you watching....The Bummers effectively shut down their OWN offense most of the time, they are awful

The one guy on Winnipeg's offense that scares me is Chris Garrett. He's been really impressive since taking over for Fred Reid. Depending on the weather conditions for Sunday, stopping Garrett may just be the key to a good defensive performance.

The correct answer was 20-29 points.

He didn't impress me anywhere near as much as the Bombers' blocking.