How many points will the defense give up in 2012

How many points will the Alouettes defense give up during the 2012 season, if Reinebold is defensive coordinator for the whole 18 game season?

Now the question is not, "how many points given up would you like/hope for/pray for?). So, answers have to be based on rational analysis, not emotions or groupie behaviour.

I will go on record and say that hiring Reinebold as DC is a horrible decision. I hope I am wrong. I hope he succeeds. The Alouettes are my team; so I hope they dominate. There is a difference between a fan and a chump. I consider myself a fan.

No way that this defense allows less than 400 points. 401-499 is also out of the question. I say 500-599, at least. Reinebold has too little experience on the defensive side of the ball to build a formidable pro defense. This is not high school football! Swagger and bravado will only get you so far...

I can't say. If Toronto and Winnipeg improve their offense or not ?

Too early to vote, because we do not know the Als defensive personnel as yet.

Im a little concerned, because while its easy to rationale getting rid of Stewart, Wilson, etc., are we certain there are better replacements in the pipeline? We keep hearing about Hopkins and Akra, but until they are thrown into the fire, we really don`t know.

With the return of Emry, I think our LBs will be a strong point.

Estelle is not going to be able to start the season if at all, but I think more and more Dwight Anderson will be back or he would have been released by now. He`ll be a definite project for Reinebold. We will also have Jerald Brown back, Vince Anderson looks like a good prospect, and hopefully Seth Williams improves - he was not great the last couple of games of the season.

This thread also raises the question of what is more important - coaching or personnel? If Reinebold is given the horses I think he can do the job, he certainly has the demeanor of a defensive co-ordinator.

Tim Burke did a great job with the Bombers, but to me it was as much their personnel as his coaching.

We don't have a choice. As players get over 35. You got to make all kinds of compromise. You have to rotate them more which affects your 46 man roster. You cut down their involvment on special teams because their gas tank is shrinking. Your holding guys back you've scouted for years and training on practice rosters. It has a lot of implications. Even if Anwar's replacement gives you a similar production if he's a special team's demon you still win and you get upside that he will improve by playing. Look at Doug Brown, the most productive Canadian to play the game in the last 20 years. Fans want him to stay, he's the same age as Anwar and he says he can't do it anymore and he's not an end. For sure top talents like Anwar and Eric can put some downs together but they can not be 60 minutes of football over an 18 to 20 game season. I was hopping the Als would find a spot on the football or business side but his heart wants to continue to play...

Alouettes have an excellent defense. They just had like 5 starters out for the season. That's tough on anybody.

What we don't know is how many of the five will return healthy and handle a whole season.

Estelle is unlikely , Anderson murky and the other three have damaged coconuts. :?

Concerning> Absolutely. Especially Estelle, VERRRY underrated player.

But at least now is offseason, and lots of time to bring in more talent. It is a lot tougher to replace guys like Brown, Estelle and Emry mid season, which was the Als major problem last year. Other than Watkins and Bourke, if I recall, offense was quite healthy and highly effective (as usual).

We have a lot of offseason and training camp to go, but if I were forced to make a prediction today, I would pick Montreal to win the East.

Our defense will give up less points than those of 2011. I am also getting positive vibes for 2012!