How many points will the Cats score this weekend......

at home against Saskatchewan? 2 home games ago they scored 0, last home game 2. I think they can score 3 this game, if they get on the Riders early.

ill be nice and say we might get 9! but i think i might still be dreaming cuz its early

I'd be surprised if the players even showed up this weekend.

It all depends on whether the D shows up or not 'cause it's a good bet the O will be shut down again. And unfortunately I'm not trying to be a smart ass either.

An Argo fan

22-15 Hamilton

I see 2 wins for us now . Sask, then Toronto . Wait and see !!!!

2 wins in a row,it's good to see you havn't lost your sense of humour through this season.

No one asked how many points Saskatchewan will score.

They can't have much more motivation than watching the last three games on film! Instead of practicing all week they should make everyone in the organization watch the last three games from beginning to end with commercials like we did!

Score will Hamilton 15- Riders 35
where Too Beat up at QB.
Our OL Can't Block
Our DL Can't get Pressure.
You see what Biltzing Dose Last Game

ticats 24

This isn't so far fetched. I sense there might be a bit of a backlash from the players in Saskatchewan who were close to their now-fired GM.

It wouldn't be the first time the Ticats bounced back this year when noone expected them to.

That brings us to Labour Day, which is the one game that brings out the best. Of course if you win that, look to be shutout again on the 9th.

(Your choice.... do you want the win or to be spared the humiliation at the following game) :lol:

not enough!

That is very possible: Riders historically dont do well in back-to-back series, and the Cats overall have won more LD matches than the Argos.

well, let's see two games ago zero,
last game two, lets see...hmmm

i'm gonna say four this game

simple..0,2,4 by labour day we'll be close to 6