How many players will it take to be a winner!!!

How many new players do ticat fans think it will take for this team to be a respectable winner again and who would you let go and who would you sign or like to see sined for next season??? Also include your pick for a head coach or back up coaches???

how many will it take? at bare minimum: 9 guys.

a starting DB to compliment the three decent starters we have (gordon, cody, young)

a starting MLB

a real #1 receiver (copeland will do nicely) and another one or two secondary receivers.(preferably at least one NIP)

a starting OT (and maybe a depth guy)

Dline depth NIP, as our canadian talent at DT is great right now

a QB whether its the real Jason Maas showing up, or a better new guy, we need a starting QB and thats the main thing.

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For a more detailed answer, Espo's is a very good start. :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

I disagree with the DB, I think everyone under-appreciates Jykine Bradley. This guy didn't have a huge numbers year, but he was always around the ball, and always making plays. I think this guy is the real deal, and for the most part, was shafted my Marshall 3 years running. Bradley, all the way.

MLB, hopefully Zeke and Destroy will be here, and be able to fill that gap.

WR, I'm not a big fan of Copeland, and I think that's going to be the new coach's call, we'll see if he wants Copeland's bad attitude.

DL, we need something, but I believe we have a draft pick who might slip through the cracks of the NFL.

QB, unless we're willing to outbid the argos (which we probably aren't) we aren't getting Printers. I'm hoping Eakin or Maas can step up to the plate. Don't discount Williams, either.

If their not sweet nice guys they better stay away from Ham.

Every player from every other team. Oh, and lets get all their coaches too...

-an entirely new linebacking corps

-at least two new monsters on the D line (preferrably Canadian)

-at least two new starting receivers (must be TALL as well as fast...preferrably Canadian)

-at least two new starting O-Linemen

-a QB to REALLY challenge Maas (Eakin isn't the answer)

-ONE kicker who can punt AND kick field goals (preferrably Canadian)

-a kick return specialist with blazing speed

You forgot the kitchen sink.

In all seriousness though, do you really think Ray Mariuz is not a starter quality linebacker? He was never even given a real chance this year! I want to see this guy in our corps for years to come. Armour was solid, but needs to work on taking less bonehead penalties. Auggie either needs to learn to play more aggressively, or he needs to go.