How many players have both a Grey Cup and Super Bowl Ring

On a diferent post here, someone said that Terry Greer was one of a precious few to win both... I somehow doubt that.. I know that Dan Federkil was featured this past season as having both and I remember that Tim Jessie did as well... There has to be several dozen players who have? Does anyone have a list?

It is a small and exclusive club indeed those that have won both Championships and strangely Jessie isn't on the list. I think I got them all,let me know if I missed anyone.

Brandon Browner....GC-Stampeders...SB-Seahawks/Patriots
OJ Brigance..........GC-Stallions......SB-Ravens...(only player to win both in the same city-Baltimore)
Harold Hasselbach..GC-Stampeders...SB-Broncos
Tyrone Williams....GC-Argonauts.....SB-Cowboys/Cowboys
Alvin Walton........GC-Stallions.......SB-Redskins/Redskins
Bobby Singh.........GC-Lions...........SB-Rams
Barry Wilburn.......GC-Lions...........SB-Redskins
Terry Greer.........GC-Argonauts......SB-49ers
Dan Federkil........GC-Stampeders....SB-Colts

I stand corrected Tim Jessie did win a Super Bowl with the Redskins in 87 then followed it up the next year by winning the Grey Cup in 88 with the Bombers. Still though only 10 players in history have managed to win both Championships...A very select and rare club indeed.

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leon mcquay caused joe theismann to not make this list.

Bryan Hall would've joined the club last year if the Cats would've won the Cup. He won the Super Bowl with the Ravens in 2012.

I'm suprsised this number isn't way higher... The number of players coming to the CFL with NFL experience would say this number could be in the hundreds

Yo Murphy won 2 Grey Cups and a World Bowl. He appeared in a SuperBowl with the Rams.

Calvin anderson won the xfl championship and the grey cup in the same Calander year.

The XFL :roll: the league that gave the world of Football the unforgettable "HEHATEME" :lol: Remember him ? Anyways speaking of multiple Championships and the XFL, Bobby Singh is the only player ever to win the trifecta: the Super Bowl(Rams)
the Grey Cup (Lions ) and the all important XFL Championship (XTreme)).

the XFL by the way was Homer's favourite league :lol: :wink: DOH !!!!!!!!!!!!

Nice Trophy :lol: :roll: most likely collecting dust somewhere now,buried in the back of someone's closet. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Necro bump but just to point out
Bobby Singh is probably the only player to win a Championship in 3 leagues

As mentioned Grey Cup with Lions, Super Bowl with Rams, AND Million Dollar Winner with the Xtreme (XFL)

Wonder if anyone on this list maybe won in USFL or even WLAF also?



I like the thread. There has not been a lot that had won a Grey Cup and Super Bowl. Terry Greer was the 1st to do so. The list is pretty accurate with about 9.

Here is a Fun Fact: Joe Kapp is the only Quarterback to play in a Rose Bowl, Grey Cup, and Super Bowl.


Not Johnny Manziel???

Might want to distinguish here between getting the Ring and actually playing in the big games; you can earn a ring by being on the team roster that season.

Tyrone Williams and Bobby Singh were maybe not dressed (i believe ?) in the SB games for which they earned rings there.

Related trivia: name 5 receivers who have recorded receptions in a CFL season and also caught a pass in a Super Bowl game,

I don't believe there's ever been a starting QB or head coach to win both a SB and a GC. Marv Levy came within a "wide right" so he got close. :sunglasses:


It was that water puddle that tripped up McQuay

Does Bob Ackles count since he won a Superb Owl as

He was a superb owl wasn’t he? Hoot hoot

I meant to delete that post. Sorry. Just found out that Bob Ackles worked for Cowboys before they won those SBs

...maybe it was his work that allowed the cowboys to win SBs eh? Maybe?

Ackles was the lone holdover after Jerrah fired Tom Landry. Somebody had to show JJ where the equipment was stored