How many people think this team is on the right track?

I think we need to take a long look at this existing Managment and Ownership and ask alot of
Questions to see if the people in change know what they are doing.
year after year they continue to make mistakes.

ITS TIME FOR A CHANGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

I dont know what to think anymore, its been like this for too many years. Maybe the ti-cats are destined to be the joke of the CFL until the league is no more.

for christsakes people, they got trounced by a friggin good team! why can't you accept that-they didn't get their asses handed to them by the friggin argos-we're talking about a team at home, on a streak, in another time zone playing against an inferior team with a rookie qb. nothing wrong with that,sh#t.

city legend

citylegend, you are definitely correct.

It is sad that some people will never accept that

because they believe that they are entitled
to more than the team was capable of last night.

Logic would tell us that

having of a rookie QB STARTING his FIRST GAME

and him being without either of our 2 top running backs
and having an emergency replacement at running back

with little time to practice and learn the Offence,

would likely have a huge negative impact.

AND IT DID..the responsibility for all 10 sacks
did not rest solely on the O-line's shoulders.

Unfortunately some people can't
apply any logic to what they see

Their emotional reactions to every misstep
build up and 'short out' their ability to use logic.

This team has become the Ottawa Rough Riders of the 1990's, and I fear their destination will be the same as Ottawa's.

I feel that we could be on the right track..
Ofcourse we need help though...besides help on both lines..THATS OBVIOUS!
here is what I think we need to do...

1.Loescher gone/trade...I havn't heard his name in about a year!
2. Miles Gone/trade..replace with Walker
3. Keep Porter as the starter/Williams as back up...Try to trade Printers
4.JesseLumsden..If we could keep him at this years salary(because of his injuries)..I would sign him
if he wants more money,then trade him.
5.If we trade Lumsden...I can't see why we can't have Caulley and Keith in the same backfield
And hopefully with trades we can get oline/dline help..especailly O-line! more picks we need help now..not the future...

This year’s train conducted by Bob O’billovich
Charlie Taaffe, Marcel Bellefeuille, @ Denny Creechan

is on the right track… we have been making
player changes here and there all year

we CHANGED Charlie 3 games ago

We added Kenton Keith last night

Obie will work better players into his line-up,

just the same way as you eat an elephant

one piece at a a time.


By the way, the train that was completely off the tracks

was conducted by Marcel Desjardins’

Charlie Taaffe, Ed O’ Neil @ Mike Working.

Compare us to how WE WERE so little time ago

Compare us to the Argos, or Blue Bombers
NOT to the elite teams in the CFL.

If we are on the right track its pretty difficult to see where its all leading us.
I have no problem with Porter starting...we have seen what the other two can do..or more to the point...cannot do. To me, Porter has shown more promise than Casey or Ritchie. We have never been anywhere near B-C's level of competitiveness this season so this loss was in the cards for everyone except the dreamers.
When I saw Rodriguez and Mitchell both drop passes in the end zone in the first quarter I knew it would be one of those nights. Mitchell has been a disappointment and so has Miles. They should be cut or traded immediately. We need a couple of gorillas for the O-line and a new defensive co-ordinator...Rich Stubler.
Then we can build from there. But until that happens nothing can be accomplished during the rest of the season. So we need to move on stuff now.
Then we replace President Scott Mitchell with Obie ...and let him hire a new GM who can decide on Bellefeuille...who I think could turn out to be OK. The one thing the Caretaker needs to do is not give up. We will get there.
Y'r welcome.

Ron my Friend Hate to say This but it is hard to Eat an Elephant as big as this white one in the room with us
Obie has done Squat
Whoops I take that back He Made us Even Worse.. 10 Sacks 1 Game 2 Wins
Worst Passing offence in League.. No Pass Rush I could Go out but I am Tired Of this ...

Well Bombers fixed their train wreck with the help of Obilovich so I guess, he's improved at least one team on the field. As far as Toronto. I bet you it dosen't take them 5 years to put together a winning season.

Compare this team to where it was. Very comparable -25% of paying fans.

They WERE on the right track.

Instead of doing some tinkering on the O and D lines....

They sign a running back, trade their best defensive player to another inter-divisional team that they are duking it out for a playoff spot with and fire the head coach.

Changes need to be made, but the right ones. So far...I fail to see that.

Is it Mitchell? Obie? That is the question that needs to be sorted out before the rest of this mess is.

I still think this team is not that far off, but they threw this season 3 weeks ago.

Now thats funny, "Time for a change". What would you like to change this time.

How many times do you think you can change a whole team and expect them to win. To change a major part of a team ( hence Coach T ) will put you back a few games if not more.

I for one am glad for what we saw last night…, don’t get me wrong, I’m not happy that we lost…, I’m glad because we played a very good BC team and it really came to light just how bad the Cats are.

At least now we know, without any doubt, where our failures are. IMO major improvements are needed in almost all areas and that includes coaching and it better happen sooner rather than later or more of the fans and their hard earned money will be spending it elsewhere.

Cat’s management can sugar coat the outcome of this game and all the other losses all they want but we as Tiger Cat fans deserve and expect better than this.

Last night BC showed us what a good CFL team looks like.

We aren’t even close.

ya!!! c'mon fans.......just accept that they got killed by a better team, the players, coaches, management, and ownership all accept it but for some reason the fans seem to think they deserve to compete. what up with that? just be happy you have a team and smile when you get killed and dont ever expect to compete against the good teams.

I'm starting to think there is something in the water of Lake Ontario. The Ticats have been sick for several years and now the Argos are catching it. :wink:

8) Well said !!! You are exactly right in your comments !!!!
  It's just too bad more people can't see it  !!!

It's hard to stop the snowballing effect with constant changes in the lineup, and after a coaching change around mid season.

We need to develop a philosophy and stick to it. Hamilton was always known as a defence first team while I grew up watching them in the 70s and 80s. So if they have to stock some defensive talent and get back to the glory days, so be it. If they want to be more offensive, then stock some offensive talent...but don't dicker here and there with minor talent upgrades.

Right now they have no identity other than being the worst team in the league, and that hurts.

8) I wasn't referring to you at all GOTC in my quote. As a matter of fact I do agree with your comments regarding management and their decisions this year !!!!

They might be on the right track, but unfortunately right now it is in the Chicago freight yard. Everytime this train gets rolling it gets shunted off to a siding. It’s not an Express it’s a Local. Good God! it might even be Amtrack!