how many out there are going to winnipeg game?

My poll how many out there are going to the winnipeg game, do you have confidence that this team can turn this around or are they a right off until dave dickenson gets back if he does, or is buck pierce the answer?

To many questions with this team. right know i am totaly chocked at this team and if the winnipeg game was tom i probebly would not go, but because it is a week away i will have time to get over it. What does everybody elese think?

I think if you plan to go expecting them to win, then you should also plan to go expecting them to lose.

Unless of course one is just a fairweather fan

I will say 29,000.

To me… the entertainment value is lacking this season thanks to a sputtering offence. I guess we have been spoiled during the Buono era with an offence that features a lot of talent that can make big plays.

The wins are nice but none of the three home games so far have been much to remember. And what was it last night… 8 points at the half with the lone TD coming in the final 3 minutes of the 2nd quarter? Then a missed field goal over the final 30 minutes?


I think nothing will change until Wally shakes up his offensive coordinator situation. Perhaps sending Steff Kruck back-up to the spotter’s booth where he was last season.

I will be there. How many more chances will we have to see Milt Stegal play before he retires.

i'm going with my buddy from winnipeg...about five years ago i went to a game in the peg when the leo's were in town...good times!!! good friends most days, enemies next friday night...i can't wait!!! (i was actually born in the peg, but grew up in van with the lions!!!)

Dupsell - for a person that is so negative about the Lions and their attendance and the CFL, you sure post alot here.