How many Ottawans have kept up with CFL since team folded?

Just out of curiousity...How many Ottawans have kept up with CFL since the Renegades folded? I know many only follow the league when there's a local team? For me I pretty much watch every CFL game, though much more exciting when local team playing! :smiley:

Honestly, I watched very little.

A number of us had this discussion. It kind of boiled down to one’s reasons for watching. Some guys were curious as to how their favourite players were doing now, or the “storylines” in the league.

Personally, I need something at stake. There’s nothing at stake for me when Calgary play Winnipeg, so I wasn’t all that interested. I directed my attention to local ball instead.

I did hear one time that ratings from this area were quite good despite not having a team, but I didn’t keep the article.

As CRFAdmin mentioned, I'm along those lines. There has to be something at stake. And in the last 2 years there has been more than in the previous 4 or 5.

I tried that “follow players around” thing for a while when the Rough Riders folded and it just didn’t work for me. I can’t suddenly decide to want a team to win when I’ve wanted them to lose for so long (unless it was beneficial for Ottawa for that team to win).

Since moving away from Ottawa 30 yrs ago ive always been an Ottawa football fan as well as CFL fan and have still to this day watched all CFL games weather Ottawa is there or not.
Living in Toronto now its very hard to get people interested in the CFL game but I will always love the has brought back many memories of my father taking me to Roughrider games at Landsdowne park and now I am sooo excited to have football back in Ottawa....GO REDBLACKS GO !!!!

I have similar sentiments. I spent 8 important years of my life in Ottawa and saw a number of games, but I loved the CFL long before that when my dad took me to see Eskie games at old Clarke Stadium in Edmonton. So when I got to Ottawa it was natural to like football there too. I only saw a couple of Rider games, being a poor student and all, but I did see several Panda Games at Lansdowne Park, and I got to like the place for all the fun we had.

Now that I live far away and the closest CFL team is a 1000 miles North it is much harder to follow the league, but my interest hasn't really ever waned since those days in Ottawa, even after 10 years in Toronto. :lol:

I definitely plan to take a game there, maybe even next year if I can get a ticket.

I rarely miss a game!

Nice to hear all the nice comments about memories of going to games in Ottawa....just a reminder that there is a CFL chatroom now and it is broken up into different teams....once again ty to the gentleman who set this up I really appreciate it

I still remember, even as a Vancouverite his whole life nearly (spent some time in Ontario too tho), that i was extremely disappointed as a child when the Ottawa Rough Riders folded. I never forgot the paper head line "Ottawa Rough Riders 1867-1996". I remember saying, and i still feel this way, how could they let something so historic fold?

I was really excited when the Renegades came back, but as the years went by it was increasingly clear that the stadium was almost a safety issue for fans. I was really disappointed when they had to leave again but i think they really should've waited to get a new stadium, as I do believe it really slowed the growth of the league, even though the league did keep growing.

I think having Ottawa back is essential to this league. You will have big games between Ottawa and Montreal as many of the fans from Hull i believe would get very interested. Ottawa vs Hamilton would also be a major attraction in both cities i believe both would also be in brand new stadiums. I also think you would see a bigger fan turnout for Ottawa vs Toronto games at the RC. It is just good all around, it also attracts more season ticket holders in every town as there is now a new team to see and less of the other usual teams. I really think once 2014 is over and we hear about things like 'Record Attendance' 'Record Ratings' and the success of the three new CFL stadiums and the renos in BC that things will move a lot faster towards the 10th team.

I kept up with the standings and watched a few regular season games, some playoff games and every Grey Cup game. I have to admit I have become a big fan of the NFL sense losing the Rough Riders the first time. I Have season ticket to the RedBlacks but I don't plan on missing my NFL teams games. So I'll be PVRing Sundays CFL division finals.

so you're an american first and canadian second, as canadian culture is secondary.

i've never lived in a CFL city, but i never gravitated to american culture over canadian.
doesn't make sense to think, 'oh, well i don't have a team in my city, so the next best thing is to cheer a team in a foreign country over the one in my own province'.

I’ll make a prediction that Kus’ PVR will soon be full of NFL games instead. :wink:

DO NOT question my pride… I am a Canadian first and a football fan 2nd. I've played Canadian football and know the game. If you knew the sport, you would know that the NFL is a much more talented game than the CFL. What your saying is if I was Japanese and I liked Hockey and lived in Japan I wouldn't be patriotic if I said I like watching the NHL" I love watching football played at it's best as well as watching young Canadian high School football. I've always gone to Rough Rider games and Renegades games. I was one of the first to buy our RedBlack season tickets and I've owned Senators season tickets sense 1992. FYI Canadian culture is more about hockey than a spin off of American football. They invented the game long before Canadians even knew what it was. Basketball is more Canadian than football.

MrKus needs to do some reading

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Mr.kus proved he is an idiot.

Why do you feel that you have to call someone an idiot when they disagree with your point of view?
I guess it’s easier to end a debate by insulting and calling someone an idiot.

Like CRFAdmin says...something has to be at stake.

How many of you out there, if you had your team fold, and certainly not due the support you gave, would want to watch the league? Really? Ottawa fans have been left bitter by the league for pulling the plug on us twice and through no fault of our own. Tom Wright was the most recent culprit here for allowing the Gliebermen back in given their shady history.

Most people will think they would. I certainly did after the Rough Riders. But some will realise that they're really just faking it.

It all depends on whether you're a fan of the league, the team and/or the sport. I was a fan of the team and sport more than I was of the league. I can get Canadian football from other sources.

the following isn't about agreeing with my point of view. it is a display of ignorance towards canadian sport history and an insult to canadian culture:

The game your talking about was called Rugby not football as we know it today, It was played without any forward passes and was invented in England well before we started playing it here in North America. Todays game has an American version and a Canadian version. If your telling me that the American version is not more talented than the Canadian version than you don't know your football. I'm not saying the game is any better just the talent on the field. Even the players I know in the CFL and NFL will tell you that.