How many of you...

How many of you actually play football?
Im in grade eight right now and im going to try out for running back in highschool.

Played it (American Style) in Middle school, I'm just a fan now, but I do practice with the Aussie Ball team here in Atlanta once in a while. I sux. :oops:

........played Grade 10 through 12.........a long time ago, in a galaxy far far away........

I still do. I played high school, some NCAA college, and now semipro in the United States. All together i've played football for 11 years on the offensive and defensive line. I also help coach some pop warner kids, its youth football i don't know what it goes by in Canada.

Here is a few tips for you. Focus your workouts on legs. I don't mean just squating, but run stairs and do sprints. In football speed and power kills. I have never seen a player be benchpressed off the line of scrimage. I'am not saying don't bench, but sometimes when players hit high school that's what they tend to focus on. Run, run, and more running, your not going to be a good foootball player if you can't move fast. Since your heading into high school you will probably play on offense and defense you won't be much of a player unless you can get to the play. Another thing you should do is learn the most about every position on the field that way you actually know whats going on. I would also encourage you not only to play football, but other sports. I wrestled in high school, didn't like it as much a football, but made me trim a few pounds and made me a tougher person. At least do track yeah its boring but you will see increases in speed and power. Look at the great CFL and NFL backs they all ran track.

As for me I' am 24 years old and plan on playing til i' am in my forties. I told my nephew that's only a 10 year old that some day i will play beside him. By then i will be past my prime, but i think cool to get a picture of that of his washed up uncle trying to hang with the young guys, hey look at Flutie it can be done.

Anyways good luck next year, hope to see you in the CFL someday.

well my skool doesnt have a football team (in winnipeg) for grade 8 im the top 3 of the fastest person and i want to be in the cfl (mostly for bombers)i always asked for a team our name is good the barracudas

see you in 2010 look for centeno

Yeah i play soccer, track and football and a bit of basketball

My goal in life is to become a running back for the riders. but if that dosnt work out i have a plan b. Ive never actually been on a real team in football i just play with my friends at reccess but i think im pretty good. But i think i might be to small and scrawney to play real football. can always work on your body, but it's tougher to build up drive and heart.......sounds like you got the right stuff, just hit the gym to meet your goals......maybe as time passes you reassess your position goal, look at Ezra Landry, you could probably look him in the eye right now, but he's tough as nails......

i played for a few years but after 7 years of every day practices for 2 hours a day 5 days a week burns you out of the game

Nonsense, it doesn't matter the size, its about toughness. They told me in college i was too small both in height and weight to play offensive line, they were wrong. Football, like any sport you play is all about technique. I weighed 230lbs my first year of semipro football and went against guys that were well over 300lbs, but i beat them with technique and with my knowledge. I would play them up top a few plays and the next play cut block them, before you know it your in there head and you've won.

As for you not playing organized football, thats actually good because you haven't developed any bad habits yet. I coach young players and i hate to say it, but its really useless and most don't have a clue what they are doing. Football is a sport where you shouldn't start playing organized football til high school. Your on the right track, and have done the right steps, the only thing for you to do right now is gaining more knowledge about the game, and develop good techniques. Football is a game that is 90% mental, 10% physical. Don't get intimidated when you play against a person thats bigger than you, and more developed. The reason why I' am telling you this is i had this mental problem my junior year in high school, and it took me the whole season to figured it out. Next year i played both ways and dominate, and was named the team captain. i had a great season and got a scholarship to a couple of colleges.

Wait till you hit high school before you start hitting the weights, i think if you hit the weight too early you hinder your growth, give it another year for your body to grow. That doesn't mean stop playing sports actually keep playing all those sports it will help your coordination.

I might try out next year for high school.

I don't think I'll make it though.

It was so long ago for me, we still had leather helmets....okay, not quite that long ago, but my press clippings are yellow from age.

Oh, maybe they hadn't invented the newspaper yet! :wink:

My Grandson plays community ball on the Lower Mainland. He loves it. He tried out for Soccor a few years ago but preffered football.

....I played organized years ago ....I was lucky in that I lived adjacent to a huge field and exhibition grounds when i was a kid.....all I had to do was jump the fence ...and take part in any sport that was being played ....all year those were great days....I had energy and speed to burn....but the years have sadly taken all that away...all I can do is watch now...but heh...I had my day... :smiley:

I played kinsmen football in grade 8, and then all 4 years of high school. I was ok, I made the North Sask grade 12 all-star team as a defensive half back, but my high school coach is also the juniour football coach (Hilltops) and him and I don't see eye to eye, as in he is a prick, and I don't like pricks, so he didn't even ask me to try out. I didn't make the University team. Still play touch. Once I am done school and traveling and all the other stuf I want to do before getting a 9-5 I plan on starting coaching as that is how I was any good, because it sure wasn't athletic ability.

I agree with peter though, speed kills, thats why i didn't go anywhere. Work on footwork,, run hills, steps, that kind of thing. pliometrics is great. I see you are in Track, that is very very good. And don't be afraid to try defense. everyone wants to have the ball, but a good db or lb is hard to find, while a good rb or wr is a lot easier.

Most of all, just enjoy yourself, football is ment to be fun, so don't take things too serious.

You'll make it if you work hard. You can't go in there with that mindset, self fullfilling prophecy. You have to want it, listen to me, all football players have attitudes, and you have to go in there saying your going to knock the piss out of the other guys. The best way to get confidence is hit the gym, and build your body. When you tryout next season keep it in the back of your mind how hard you've worked to get to that point. I would encourage everyone who is in the high school level to go out and play any sport. It teaches you discipline, these are things you'll take with you forever. I played two sports in high school wrestling and football, and i' am kicking myself for not playing lacrosse. Don't tell me you have to work, you have your whole life to work. Mark my words, 'you'll regret it!' Even though i play semipro football i would give anything to play another year in high school. Nothing is like the attention you receive in the local newspapers and in school. Plus what better way to meet a hot girl than being a football player, and plus dummy you live in Canada where the girls are better looking than down in the States. If this doesn't motivate you to play i don't know what will.

Just as a side note to any canadian in the east that still want to play football. I know Montreal has a semipro team i think they are called the Titans,

and Ottawa has the Deamon Deacons.

They moved from Montreal. These teams play against teams from Upstate New York and Vermont, and of course each other. The play in the Empire Football league. I think they play ncaa college rules. I know its not CFL rules. Here is my opinion if you played organize football and are in descent shape you can play semipro, plus its fun. I played against teams from upstate New York and they aren't the greatest teams so there's nothing to be afraid about. I think the coach of the Montreal or Ottawa team played in the CFL.

I played football all through High School and my senior year was the starting QB. The following year while in Community College played one year. Also, hockey, BB, VB and soccer.

Thanks for the tips guys.

I could have played in the CFL but I lacked the talent....same with NHL,NFL, NBA

I thought when I was growing up, playing football on the street, that one day I would be wearing the Blue n gold.
Then I realized that the town I live in, doesn't even have a flippen I tried hockey..and that failed to.
There's only curling and golfing left for me now..still going to make it to the Bigs

I just turned 30 and I still play. Playing for the Calgary Thunder in the Alberta Football League ... Best tip ... Just go out and play - make a team, and do whatever you can to help your team out. At your age, its a good thing to recognize that you may not play the position you think you are best suited for - or is your favorite position ... Play where the Coach thinks you are best suited and will help the team the most - Suck it up - And bust your @ss to get to where you want to be ...