How many of you look at's Transactions page regularly?

As of January 2019 that will no longer be the case; it’s now a fully automated system. If transactions are received and approved by the league, they’ll show up by 6:30 PM ET on that day.

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Sounds good!

Thumbs up on the new format as we now know whenever a player’s contract is renegotiated as demonstrated with Matt Nichols’ listing on Tuesday.

We will all get a good chuckle if only the same organization(s) areredoing their player deals.

The only time I pay attention to transaction pages is during free agent hunting season. Now that that is dying down, maybe about once a week until training camp.

This is awesome functionality, it is really solid. At the same time, that weekly stats PDF is piles of info, and I know lots of people like that. If it was formatted better it would be so handy. If it was easy to work with via excel, then people could take all that info, dump it in and make different templates. I like the idea of dumping that info into a new sheet every week and I then I can spit out trends and various deviations and easily come up with different stats formulas every week. To be able to dump that info in and have it spit out a passing YPC per rushing attempt ratio (simple example) would be pretty nice. I do some of this already, though not as much the past couple of seasons. Those unique stats can tell you a lot sometimes.

But again, this is pretty awesome and you all deserve a lot of accolades.

Thanks! For the start of the coming season, I actually plan to have three ways for fans to get access to player and team statistics:

[ol]- Right on, but the enhanced ability to filter/sort/bookmark as displayed above

  • By connecting their copy of Microsoft Excel to a special feed to manipulate on your own
  • Through use of the CFL API, for when you need to go all the way down to the nitty-gritty[/ol]

I actually mean to set up a page and maybe even an introductory video on how to use the feed for Microsoft Excel. I’m done the proof of concept; now I just need to put in a few hours and get it all in place.

That sounds excellent. I know it is a pain, because the people that are really going to go to that depth is likely pretty niche. Historically, I have done a PDF export to excel, but the formatting is very inconsistent. sometimes info will be in one cell, sometimes 2. It makes making templates impossible…or at least difficult. You basically have to go through every stat and verify cells are set up properly, which is a pretty big task.

Another thing…I would love to see the pressures stat back. I know it is a subjective stat, but many are. YAC, passes defended, etc…all can be subjective. I know it is endless the number of stats that can be put forth (%blitz, 3 man, 4 man, etc etc etc…it is basically never ending)…but this was a stat that was available for a while and seemed popular.

The new stats setup give people a pile to look at, especially historic comparisons…that is fabulous. I really do not mean to diminish anything there, because it looks like it is going to be outstanding…but there are many who have been drawing from the weekly sheets for years and playing with stats. So many people love baseball because it is a game of stats…I see no reason football can’t draw the same interest, and I think many overlook that (not you).

Great stuff. Oh…is this all coming in part via/in part from the Pricewater partnership and is that being renewed? IIRC 2018 was the final year of the deal.

It’s definitely going to be used by a small subset of fans, but I think it’s worth the time because it helps those people tell more detailed and interesting stories about the league. I’ll be holding a special conference call with the Football Reporters of Canada (FRC) to specifically get them connected up to all of this so they can dive deep when they need to.

I’d like pressures to come back too; I should ask what the deal is with that this year.

There is a sponsorship tie-in which will make some of the bandwidth requirements for this possible; it’s not too expensive ultimately, though, since it’s just text we’re moving around. :slight_smile:

last year I made regular use of the 2018 statistics page which included Quar. Is that being changed to something else or will it still exist along with the new changes?

The player statistics page as it currently exists is what we’ll go into the season with, and is what’ll exist for the foreseeable future. I don’t know if a decision has been made to officially calculate QUAR or not; it’s being done by hand outside of the stats system today, though.

Awesome, thanks…

And I was speaking to I think it was Steve Daniel maybe 1 or 2 months before the season last year…he basically said that there were concerns because there was not a good system to define what a pressure and hurry were and that it left too much room for margin of error based on judgement in the statistic. I kinda feel like people understand it is not an exact science for those types of stats or drops and such (which should also really be a published stat somewhere) but over the course of a season it relatively balances out. Anyways…I believe it was still on the table for the first few weeks of the season and then finally yanked officially. I don’t know if they did some evaluations on the counts on better laid out means of assessing the stats and felt like it was still too inconsistent or what. No question there is a lot of room for error in the stat…but I know outside sources still have their own numbers they release now and then…Derek Taylor being a key one.

I look at it everyday