How many of you look at's Transactions page regularly?

The page in question:

Is this a page that any of you find useful? Keeping in mind that the league will likely never post specific contract data (eg. salary and bonus amounts), is there other information that this page could provide that would be useful to the public or media?

Pictures would be nice.

It’s not one that I’ve been to more than a handful of times over the years.

But if there were a direct link from this forum to, I’d be more likely to go and browse around.

I goofed, wrong page.

got mixed up with free agent tracker, sigh

I think it would garner more useful looks if it was pinned to the CFL forum page. And get rid of the 3 you have there now.

Create a separate page of forum rules and requests for forum changes.

It’s a new format, right? I really like how it’s sortable and the format is better. I’m a fan. It would be nice to add back in the table that told you what the terminology means (ex. remove unsigned free agent).

I certainly consult it regularly. The main reason being that in the off-season Alouette transactions often appear there far earlier than the team`s official announcements.

The new format is much more user friendly. Perhaps there can be better separation between days, but that`s a minor quibble.

One other thought. Shouldn`t the individual teams have their transactions up to date on their own websites?

I tend to look at it on regular basis after the free agency period starts. Prior to that, I usually just give a quick glance at the transactions on the TSN page.

I contact it on a daily basis and I do appreciate it. Maybe not with the new format,since it’s posted regularly, but in the past I would contact CFL staff if there were no transactions posted for many days,particularly when I knew that teams had made moves.


wrong page, sigh

Regularly, not so much,
Sometimes, yes


Is there a CFL transactions page on I’ve never seen it.

I didn’t think so either…though many leagues do have one there

What would be awesome is if the CFL provided a more user friendly stats tool. I love the pdf…i tinker with it a lot. Unfortunately, it is formatted horribly. I don’t know if that is a poor source or part an issue with the conversion to pdf …but exporting it to excel is ugly and not uniform at all. It makes tinkering with stats a pain

You, sir, are going to be very happy with the things we're working on currently. To explain that a bit more: In December, we finished and rolled out a very user-configurable player statistics page:

Try using the various drop-down fields up top, and clicking the Add Filter button - you can see more than just one year's data, filter to specific criteria, and view data per-game instead of per-season. And each time you do a new search, the URL is updated so you can share it. Here's a list of all passing performances since 2004 in the playoffs where the QB threw for more than 400 yards:

Right now we're working on the team equivalent of that page. Once that's done, we'll focus on importing old data so we have player and team stats going back to 1958. It's a job that takes time but I won't be happy with until it gets there.

Great news and yes, I consult the transaction page frequently.

I generally use the "Team Stats" during the regular season. I will use it weekly to see where teams are at in comparison to other teams, improvement or not during the past week, etc. I occasionally look at individual stats, but that might be two or three times during a season.

I don't generally use it during the off season.

And I really should have paid attention to the entire post, because really this was about transactions and I don't follow that page at all ::slight_smile:

We'll have a brand new Team Stats page for you in a month or two, I think - with lots of ability to sort, filter and look for specific things. We'll still also link to the PDF if you prefer to get your information that way, though.

It’s good in the off season as one can keep track of new signings. Not so great during the season as I find it is not kept up to date as well.