How many of you "Get rid of Maas fans".....

were saying the same thing last year about DMac? Maybe if DMac was still around he could have salvaged a win or two more. (even as a backup)

I was not saying get rid of Dmac, but I never had confidence in him, in spite of his few overacheivements, courtesy of Darren. Certainly he could do no worse than Maas this yr, but really would 1 extra win and a couple of games a little closer really be worth it.

Well most of us said - "lets give this guy a chance, he's new he doesn't know the offence" etc
It must be the coaches fault - all these great players and they don't "Gel". They need time to "Gel"

Fire Marshall, fire PaoPao, fire the manager, fire the assistants.
Its obvious that the problem is not coaching but the players and the main problem is Maas.

you guys honestly do not think that they at least moved the ball up and down the feild more than they have in the last 10 games, and that was with four days of changing the offence and the way they practice, yes it is unexcusable for jason to turn the ball over that many times, but with him calling his own plays they still moved the ball more than when they when they were paying an OC!

Did he call his own plays? 'Cause if he did, he did a pretty poor job of it.

I'm not sure what you were watching last night but the only improvement I saw in the offence was the offensive line and the running game. Handing off the football is pretty simple stuff. But when it came to passing it was the same old Maas. Bad passes, interceptions and throwing five yards when he needs 8.
Maas is a third rate QB who seems unable to see the field as a whole and react. He throws panic passes to the closest black and gold jersey and most of time time the pass is uncatchable. He was doing the same thing last night when he finally got time to throw. This bit about "mis-communication" with his receivers is nonsense. Whatever the reason, the fact remains he can't throw.
How can anyone defend Maas when his performance has been pitiful in every game in this long, sad season. We got the wrong guy to be the starting QB. Any other team in the league would have benched or got rid of him weeks ago.
I'll be very surprised if Marcel Desjardins allows Maas to start one more game. I expect another starting QB to be brought in and Maas benched. Eakin ought be on the bus out of town today. He had a good game last year too....just like Maas. Did we ever get bamboozled when we brought them to Hamilton.
As for your optimism about moving the football....there were no touchdowns so who cares?

Desjardins said at noon Maas will be starting in Toronto.

Thank goodness I'll be in Philadelphia this weekend and closing the cottage for our next homegame.

Fans said the same about:
and now Mass.
next it will be, (enter future QB's name here)

Well, he does need to find out if Jason has the goods to be a succesful no. 1 in this league.

12 games isn't enough?

As for the list of QBs listed I sincerely doubt that anyone railed on each and every one. I know I was upset at the treatment Calvillo recieved, Kerrigan was decent at one time but stayed too long Allen really played poorly in Hamilton Dunigan was injured and never returned o the CFL and finally that Danny Mac never played more than 2 good quarters in ANY game.

Did he explain why? Are 12 disastrous games not enough to figure out what he is like?

said what same thing??

Certainly hamilton fans never had a negative thing to say about Dunigan????

We Hamilton Fans love to run our QB's out of town. Its what we do best!

This was the first game I saw the O-Line finally give Maas the coverage he needed.

They were bad for runningbacks not opening holes and for the QBs giving them no time to play the ball.

He had time now, but he seems uncomfortable, Losing takes a toll even on most professional athletes. Maas has been banged up so much this season by lack of coverage, he seemed really quick to toss it away when it seemed he was about to be hit.

He made a few real nice passes, that were called back because because of dumb mistakes by the O-line.

Its called a slump all athletes slump at some point its just easier to tell when its the QB because he is the front man in the offence. He is playing hurt, and is probably all drained from losing.

I know when I played sports, losing game after game took a physical and emotional toll on me.

No matter how inept the OC is the starting QB should be able to drive for a touchdown at least once a game.

Maas is snakebitten and should be shut down for the rest of the season if he is injured.

This is so deja-vu, eh? I am willing to bet money that Mass will not be back next year. He'll be traded to Toronto or Montreal and "prospect" under one of them.

Same bloody familiar story.

no way with dunigan though

I loved Danny. even as a coach on the sidelines, he was doing his bit… but the truth is we needed a new QB. and maas just isn’t the guy we needed. he looked great in the preseason, but now… well at this point I’d say we’re desperate. we’re willing to try anything, we tried maas, our hopes for him went way down… and now we’re here, willing to try anything again. that’s why I say play williams… maybe he’s not the answer either, but it’s not like we have anything to lose.

I loved Danny. even as a coach on the sidelines, he was doing his bit.. but the truth is we needed a new QB. and maas just isn't the guy we needed. he looked great in the preseason, but now.. well at this point I'd say we're desperate. we're willing to try anything, we tried maas, our hopes for him went way down.. and now we're here, willing to try anything again. that's why I say play williams.. maybe he's not the answer either, but it's not like we have anything to lose.