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Bob Young posted this in the Tiger-Cat Forum. Censorship or a call to civility?

Re: Don't worry, be happy now...
by Caretaker » Sun Jul 14, 2013 7:50 am

I've locked this thread as it has gone far off topic.

And as a reminder these forums are for the entertainment of Ticat fans.

You may be asked to take an involuntary holiday from posting here if you make personal attacks, if you are excessively negative (thereby harming the entertainment value of these forums), or if you intentionally attempt to damage the Tiger-Cat Football team in any way. Repetitively posting the same complaint over and over will qualify.

We read your complaints and we do our best to respond to as many as we can, although these forums are not the best place to complain. Call 905-547-CATS if you have concerns.

Please get back to talking football, stadiums, or sports generally. This is supposed to be fun. If you are not having fun cheering for the Tiger-Cats find someone or something to cheer for who does make you happy.Caretaker
Tiger-Cats Caretaker

Je dirais les deux, mais ce n’est que moi.

I totally agree that these forums should not be the place to personally attack persons/coaches,treating them of dummies,to tell someone who disagrees with you of being full of crap, to attack coaches wearings/the way he dresses,etc.

The forums are definitely the place to complain,but in a respectful matter. Nothing wrong in wondering if a coach has the knowledge/expertise to be a CFL coach, without saying that he is dummy if we don't feel that he is qualified. Same applies to players. Nothing wrong in asking if a player,given his age or other scenario has the physical abilities to perform at a level expected,provided it is done with class.

We need these forums and the opinions/comments of all,even though they may differ from our own observations. A different comment from someone else may open our eyes/make us realize that there are other options.


Richard, please. You’re the one who keeps telling people they know nothing because they’re not coaching the team. You play that tiresome card against journalists who are only reporting what they see in practice, against fans who are posting honestly about their team. But by that logic, you can’t ever criticize Calvillo’s performance, because you’re not a pro QB. See how counterproductive that kind of thinking is?

I’m happy to debate football with people who are willing to be civil. But a huge pet peeve is being told not to have an opinion because it upsets the other person or because I am not “qualified” to judge. Well, guess what, we’re all fans, so we’re all equally qualified to judge or not judge. If you stick to football, we’ll get along fine.

Here is what I think about that and Bob Young's handling of the CFL forums.

You call what the Alouettes are doing on the field entertainment ? Please, this is professional sport, criticism is part of it. Sometimes the attacks on character go a little too far, but in Hawkins case it does not. The man is not genuine, anyone with any sense of perception can see that. This man is a fraud and believe me if you took a private poll you would have the majority of players on the Alouettes stating the same if not worse. As a paying customer, I have the right to voice my displeasure. These guys are being paid to do a job. I have been at the same company for 25 years and I must perform to our companies expectations daily....if not, I will eventually be placed in another position or worse yet fired..welcome to the real world Richard.

We need more of this:

...Seems Mr. Bob Caretaker is getting a little sensitive about the negativity...Well Mr. Young, in a well balanced forum you have to have a little of both.....Certainly you can't have personal attacks BUT if a person or persons is verbally attacking your team 'in general' for their play...censoring same is equivalent to muzzling free speech...Sometimes it's great to have a 'thick skin' and let the intelligence of the informed reader carry the day...... :wink:

How dare he. His franchise has been a cemetery for more careers than all the other clubs in the league combined for 10 years now. Their fans are amazing.