How many more years before we see a WINNER?????

How many more years before we see a WINNING TEAM again in Hamilton????

It's been too long since we last had a consistant winning team in Hamilton, probably back to 1998 and 1999 and the Grey Cup victory. The team was slightly above 500 in 2004 under coach Marshall and that year the guy won coach of the year only because the previous year the team only won one game. So I wonder how many more years it will take to make this team a WINNER again?? We are only in an eight team league, I mean what are the odds of team like the Cats not making even the playoffs for only once out of the past 6 years or so.

The team needs a major overhaul not just a little tweak here and there and I believe that overhaul should start with the Management and work down to the players.

  1. Ron Lancaster admitted he is not a coach anymore but I believe he needs to step away totally from the team, especially in any areas of decision making about future players, new talent, trades etc.

  2. Last year we gave up a Vet QB in Danny Mac for What? For Jason Maas?? But we also gave up Troy Davis and Dan Comisky. Maas has played like crap this year and I like many fans who didn't agree with the trade said that Maas is a back up at best and we sold the house for the guy. Jason was given a great opportunity here in Hamilton this year to step up and become a leader and that didn't happen but also Kevin Eakin didn't step up when asked to replace Maas and take control of the team so what this team lacks is also a leader at QB, quite frankly the third string QB, Williams in my mind showed the best promise as a future QB and potntial leader (yet to be determined). Please bring in a proven performer as a starting QB in the PRO ranks, no more second stringer guessing??

  3. In recievers, our best is D.J. Flick in my mind and the guy is winner both on and off the field as is Terry Vaughn, Mike Morreale, Hill etc. I believe that Brock Ralph has hands of Stone sometimes and certainly on crucial catches and like to jump off side a lot, possably trade Ralph to Calgary, BC or one of the Western clubs for a player or two. I would like to see Ian Fleming play, I believe it was good to let Peterson go and Yeast I thought was good but the team had their reasons, I guess?? I believe the team should have given Archie Amerson a shot at least at camp this past year, he had always been a good consistant playmaker, I guess the powers to be thought Josh Ranek would have replaced Amerson well??

  4. The O Line needs work, I would like to see an ALL-CANADIAN line next year, I believe the base is there as a unit it just needs work and a good Offensive Line Coach as well.

  5. With Ranek gone I believe the team can concintrate on working with Holmes, Lumsdan, Davis combo for next year and Radlin at full-back, I believe Radlin is at the end of his contract? If he is, he may become a good trade for a player in BC or western teams since he is from the Vancouver area anyway.

  6. The Defensive line, needs to get HUNGRY AGAIN, to many players out with injury like Cotton, Cheatwood, we need to build this line into a sack threat again for the years to come. I like the idea of creating an all ex-Ohio State Winning line with Cheatwood, Cotton, the guy from BC and the ex-renegade now playing with the Cats and back up with Devonte Peterson etc.

  7. Lets get a solid Linebacking crew for next year and stick with them like the Argo's have stuck with Mike O'Shea and company.

  8. Get some leaders in the secondary, this seems to have been a real challange area for sometime now, lets get more players like Tay Cody playing for the Cats.

  9. Kicking/Punting, I have heard comments from some fans that kickers are a dime a dozen, if true lets get one. It seems Calgary and Sask have no problem getting good kickers from our area of Southern Ontario and we get crap. We need kicker who can kick the ball with acuracy in practice as well as in real games, not 50 yarders in camp and in practice but in real games a 20 yarder is a real challange, sounds like Boreham???

  10. In my mind the biggest improvement has been the Special Teams play this year and it needs to be even better next year for this team to become a winner.

Lets get this team back as a WINNER for next year 2007 season and beyond. We should be in the playoffs consistantly for years to come,the Argo's can do it why can't we.

2007 Tigercats will be go 9&9,or better :thup:

2008 It will take a year under the new Staff.
Will be 3rd in EAST Next year under Taff.

2 YRS next season playoffs, 2008 Grey Cup champs!

Next year will be a development year,unless
we start with a winning QB "PRINTERS"

i really think that we'll do better next year, and i don think that maas is a back up, i think he works well with pressure behind him, and comeon give the guy a break he never knew that it would be so hard to be away from his family. i think that youre right about the linebackers and d-line, and i think thathitch and morealle should stay, for leadership sake, but LET THEM PLAY, they arent leaders if they arent playing. dont let archie come back, although he is one of my favourites, i think that the reciving core is pretty good. no need to stir it up.