How many more yards till simon gets 1000 yards?

I heard he needed like 200 more? lets hope he gets the 1000 yards in the play off games because im sure he wont want to ruin his streak of getting in the thousands for 6 years in a row.

nvm, he has 980 yards, 20 more yards, im sure he can get that in the play offs.

He started slow but is picking it up now. And this is the time of year you want your team to peak, not week 9 like Montreal usually does.

wait, i thought there was 14 games this season, that's what my dad told me, but there is 18, he will definitely reach 1000 in the season.


..nahhh, there's no way you're serious.


Just in case, Simon has 952 yards, yards in the post season don't go towards regular season stats, and there have been 18 games in a season since 1986.

he will easily reach 1000 yards buddy. geroy has got 4 touchdowns in 2 games. Imagine if he got 2 tds every game, how many touchdowns he would have drool. It use to be like that, but pierce never throws to him until a couple games ago.