How many more games will the TiCats win this regular season?

(counting the Sept. 18 game)

Hamilton 16 BC 23 end of third quarter (LOSS)
Sat Sep 18 Saskatchewan Hamilton
Sun Oct 03 Hamilton Edmonton
Fri Oct 08 Edmonton Hamilton
Fri Oct 15 Hamilton Toronto
Fri Oct 22 Montreal Hamilton
Fri Oct 29 Hamilton Calgary
Sat Nov 06 BC Hamilton

I say they split with Edmonton and beat BC Nov 6 and that’s it, finishing a woeful 7-11.

fixed it for ya :wink:

My God, what a choke! 5 turnovers by BC in the 4th quarter. Were they eating KFC on the sidelines or what?
Looks like these Tabbies have 9 lives :roll:

...with a little help from the refs...

Fair enough.But that would've put us at first and 20 still in BC territory.The jury's out as to whether we would've moved it and scored again anyways, I mean we did hit Bruce and Bauman fair and square and our run game was rock solid.In the end, even with the poor call they could've won.But our D stepped it up 15 notches and Printers seriously toned down.Little iffy about this win but a win's a win I guess, looking forward to McIntyre's return and Baggs' debut next week against the Riders.

I say you fail almost as bad as Casey Printers.

X2.Don’t count out the Ticats this year, that’s 2 big come from behind wins that I can think of this season.Don’t think we had ANY last year.Just goes to show you how this team’s developing as a whole.I for one cannot wait to see what Garrett McIntyre and Stevie Baggs do next week.We had huge pressure today but I think that’s more credit to BC’s OL than our DL.Expecting a big crowd next week, GO CATS GO!!

Looks like BlueFace is a little red-faced. :stuck_out_tongue:

If they continue to get the many gift wrapped turn overs that BC presented from here on in, then they are good for more wins, else it doesn't look that bright.