How many more days?!

I JUST GOT MY SEASONS TIX AS A PRESENT LAST NIGHT. :!: :!: :!: :!: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I can't wait for the season. How many more days till the schedule comes out. I want to be there to see the eskies lose to the lions :lol:

nice gift Kris.......Schedule should be out pretty soon as I overheard someone commenting on how good the Argos.. thought it was.....the rest of the league better have the same opinion...after that bloody debacle of a schedule the Bombers had to put up with in 05....I hope its a helluva lot better... and.not just to accomodate teams like the Argos... :roll:

.....but you gotta admit the Argos did get hosed on a few weekends, games with like only three days rest between.......granted some of that was due to the Rogers Centre and not the CFL, but still pretty brutal......what was wrong with the BBs sked?.........

Dude, we only had like ONE bye! the second one doesn't count since the season was over. Our boys got overworked, it was horrible!

lol yah thats why you 4-13, i was wondering hoo, the Stamps had it the year before, and someone else had it the year before that.......JC, what a poor excuse..........

well, dude, hopefully Edmonton gets it this year, I not saying our team wasn't the reason we sucked so bad, but the guys were way over worked. Had they had real breacks, they just might have bee a bit better.

and you asked what was wrong with the BBs sked? THAT's what was wrong.

ACtually KK if you asked most players they would say they don't want a second bye. Well I have no way in knowing for sure that most would say that, but I know some do, including Dickenson. I know I wouldn't wanta second one.

And they weren't way over worked. thats ridiculous to say. They may have been tired, but one more game in 29 weeks then everyone else is not that huge of a deal.

fine billy, it's not was a huge issue, but it proves that the sked was crap.

and the players play 18 compared to the NFL's 16, most complain that the season is too long, not with how many byes, which some must be grateful to have 2 in 20 weeks IMO.

Holy smokes, if KK keeps this up with the excuses, he'll pass by certain Rider fans in no time! :wink:

Notice I said certain...not all, before you Good Rider fans take me to task!

...........that in itself doesn't PROVE the BB sked was crap..........what kind of stretch of logic is that?!..........item dismissed........what other example of poor scheduling was forced on the BBs that made their plight insufferable?.........waiting..........

cut me some stack, man, papazoo can tell you more.

.....not exactly a good way to back up your argument, KK.....

.........seriously, you make a contentious arguable claim and then when you are asked to back it up you put your hands in your pocket, stare at the dirt and scuff one foot around!?!?!........and then ask for mercy?........swear to god if this was the playground your underpants would be up over your head right now..........

Mate, there is nothing to back that up, as you said, every team goes though that every season and for that team, IT SUX!!! hence why I say that Winnipeg sch was so bad last year. Only way to fix that is to balance the sch and they only way for that to happen is to add that team in Halifax but that is years from now.

another reason the sch sucked is becase we had our frist bye so late in the season (WEEK 15!!!) when we should have had it easier, like WEEK 10, after all, by the bye in week 15, the players played 16 games in back to back weeks.

BC wasn't the problem, we beat them once at home. So no issue there.

Hold it Kanga.....either there is proof that the schedule was "crap" or there isn' can't say there's proof, then say there's nothing to back it have just contradicted yourself, and you don't even realize it.....

...........awesome..........I am actually experiencing goosebumps over this argument........because it actually holds water..........not the second bye thing, I still think that is a non-issue, a top team might love that second bye there to rest some players for the playoffs, and a non-playoff bound team, well, it gives the players a week's jump on getting home........but your point about the first bye is pretty valid.........will take it into's not a showstopper as I beleive every team could point out at least one thing wrong with their sked, but that was a good argument, congradulations KK.......

so I have.

Thank You! Thank You Thank you!

now lets wait for Papazoo to give more.

Sure, you beat us WITHOUT DD or an O LINE. Wait till next year, Milt can only do so much. Now if you Play Wynn, that might be a different story, but seeing as he really is a product of the BC Lions, well , you see where I am going with this.
I sure hope they get rid of Glenn. If they want a chance to win, they have to play Wynn. :lol:

it doesnโ€™t detour from the fact that the Lions lost, and lost BAD!!!

heck, I predict the Lions to lost to the BBs, BUT NOT THAT BADDLY!!!

wow, I can make go arguments when I warm up a bit.