How many more days until the trolls shutdown the forum?

Every thread turns into a troll fest. Which goes against what the Ticats had in mind for this forum.

Baloney. There have been the same complaints since day one of this site. There's nothing new.People have wrung their hands over the site shutting down and it hasnt hapend yet and wont happen unless the rate of drunken, obscenitiy laced posts increase.

Troll is sort of a meaninless word anyway, people define any way it suits them.

Yes, but less and less people are visiting the forum because of it.

People used to say that alot too.
For every one member that quits (or pretends to quit)they are replaced by at least one new person.

actually i think the decrease in people visiting has something to do with the on field product. i m sure if you wanted to you could even make that the arguement for the increase of negativity on this board. i think were getting too carried away with show me respect and its only my opinnion. its a discussion board your comments are there to be discussed. if i think your comment is idiotic that is a valid observation because it is my perspective. if you have a mental illness or a disability that we may not know about it then let us know and we can try and be sensitive to your needs. things are gonna get thrown around albeit a bit loosly at times but its all in the name of fun. you cant seriously post on this board and expect a great post and thanks for posting or i never thought of it that way all the time. any personal attacks i dont condone but its all relative and i think people need to grow thicker skin.

what makes me laugh most about these threads is our fan base grrrr eat'em raw. eakin dont you dare smile on the field but dont say anything mean to me on a discussion board lets all hold hands and sing kooom by yaaah (sp) around the fire. anyway thats my 2 cents and if you dont agree tell me. i ll probably think your a whiner and that will hurt your feelings and the cycle will continue.

Great research project idea:

A comparison of troll-like behaviour on a football team's discussion forum site during times of on-field success vs. on-field failure. :lol:

Not sure a winning team solves this so-called problem. In 04 , when things were still sunny, there were almost as many dump/trade/bench DMAC trolls as when the team was losing.
In fact the anti-Maas trolls are a mirror image of the anti-Dmac ones

well 04 was an up and down season. its not like it was smooth sailing the whole year. not to mention alot of baggage was brought into the season after the 1 - 17 year.

DMAC threw for almost five hunded yards one game and the site still got as many anti-DMAC posts as when he played poorly . A winning or losing record wont change much.
If Maas turns it around next year there will still be alot "good, but he's not a starter" trolls.

Zontar although i am a dmac fan its understandable that when a team is hovering at .500 off a 1-17 season and your qb is 40 avg 2 pics a game that people are gonna call for his head. right or wrong.

Right . So when the team is staring down the barrel of a 4-14 season coming off a 5-13 season its understandable people are gonna react to kiss- ass posts.
Right or wrong.

thats a good battle to pick. make sure you straighten him out. its gloomy or nothing. thats mighty noble of you to take on such a task. fire away just dont take his lunch money lol

Afghanistan, Iraq and N.Korea are gloomy.

TiCats are merely dissapointing.

Well just keep doing your part you cant afford to rest

Man, for someone who says its no skin off their a** you're really losing alot of yards of skin in this thread.

ha im enjoying it actually. i like a good debate. although this one is way too easy. anyway i ll let it go.


The average person is the proud owner of fourteen to eighteen square feet of skin, with the variables in this figure being height, weight, and breast size. Basing the skin's value on the selling price of cowhide, which is approximately $.25 per square foot, the value of an average person's skin is about $3.50.

Seems he is sacrificing little.

Yes ,but he said the skin off his arse which is significantly less than 14-15 square feet (unless he's morbidly obese)

lol. nah im just bored. i heard that about you though?? not that theres anything wrong with that.