How Many Media Types Have Egg All Over Their FAce?

Gotta love the short term memory of these media types in Toronto.
Because just a few months ago they were trumpeting the Bills in Toronto as being a sure fire success,
regardless of ticket prices.
They gauranteed that the games would be sold out in minutes.
On top of that, they had already declared the ARgos and the whole CFL dead!
The NFL would rule Canada they told us!

Now move ahead to the present, and nothing these guys predicted has even come close to occurring.
The Argos averaged close to 29,000 a game.
The NFL didn't hurt them.
The CFL had gret attendance and great TV ratings. And great games.
And the NFL coming to Toronto has been a bigger flop then even I envisioned.

But you gotta wonder about these so called experts in the media.
You know. Dave Naylor. Stepen Brunt. Garth Woolsley. DAve Perkins. To name a few.
These guys have been exposed as rank amateurs.
They make Al Strachan look like Woodward and Bernstein.
Yet read these guys today, and its like what they said never existed.

And the Rogers people like Phil Lind have been exposed as outright liars.
Fibbing about tickets sales that don't even come close to what they tell us?
No wonder TEddy boy is in hospital right now.
He forked out 80 million for the NFL, and he's going to lose at least half that much.

Do you actually care about the CFL or do you just enjoy watching Ted Rogers and the Toronto media fall flat on their face? It's a serious question.

They've only played 1 pre season game in Toronto, it's way way way premature to say that Ted Rogers is going to lose 40 million dollars. I could care less for the guy but be realistic.

If you don't like it, don't read it?
I mean I don't care about your boring endless Saskatchewan Roughrider posts.
This topic is relevant.
You may not think so.
But in southern Ontario, this NFL in Toronto story is still news.

The question that never needs to be asked. We're all well aware of the answer Berezin should have given, but didn't. :roll:

Being close to Toronto I still see a big push for the Bills/Phins game coming up next month.

The pre-season game was a complete and utter failure BUT it was pre-season.

We'll have to wait and see the reception of the regular season.

I know they still have tickets available because they advertise packages for tickets and hotels on TV all of the time.

At first I thought it was doom and gloom for the CFL if the NFL invaded CFL territory. I know am of the opposite opinion.

I think that the Argos should continue with their plan to find and possibly build a stadium that holds 20-25M people. They would have to spend approx 15 million dollars to make the changes to BMO field because it's not big enough for the CFL.

The NFL in Toronto would be almost all corporate just like the Leafs. The tickets are expensive and the average fan wouldn't be able to afford 10 games at $75 bucks a pop.

I am a Tiger Cat and Bills fan. I like the CFL much more than the NFL and I have only been to a couple Bills games even though they are 1hr away.

There are many people who enjoy both. I think 2 football teams in Toronto would be successful for both parties. Toronto has a population of 4 million people but when you include the suburbs of Toronto you are looking between 6-8 million.

The Rogers Centre holds about 60,000. You are basically asking 1% of the population to attend games. I think there is enough support for both CFL and NFL to coexist in Canada.The overlap of the season is 2.5 months.

Well, that's the thing - the Rogers Centre only holds about 50,000 for football, meaning it is too small for the NFL on a full-time basis. Even for its current use, to generate the ticket revenue needed, the per ticket price has to be higher than it would be if another 20,000 tickets were available for sale.

I knew there was some softness in the market for that Bills game when I saw that Bud commercial for winning tickets to the game - at first I thought there'd be a pair or a handful of winners - then the next commercial say there's "hundreds of tickets to be won". Uh-oh, I thought. They don't give away that many tickets if they could otherwise sell them.

So in other words all your Chicken Little posts were a waste of forum space. Maybe try talking football instead of what you believe is "relevant" to a majority of CFL fans. I can garauntee you that fans in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Regina, Winnipeg and Montreal could not care less about your doom and gloom posts... and this thread makes all your other threads seem very foolish and childish, but again, why are we not surprised? Like many of the media types that you want to chastise, maybe its time for YOU to go beyond the GTA's city limits and expand your small-minded world a little.

Then why don't I care...?

You realise that now you have to move out of Southern Ontario Chief... :lol: :lol: :lol:

If it is a success one would have to wonder how many Bills fans from Buffalo are in attendance. I am getting sick of the attention given to this event. One would have to wonder if this particular poster is for the Bills coming to Toronto with all his efforts to keep it in the limelight. Just wondering.

Damn, and I was just getting used to London... :cry:

One thing positive for the CFL with the Bills here is that some "NFL only counts" fans that put down the CFL as boring mainly due to no tailgaiting like the do in Buffalo, will find that the Bills games in Toronto will be similar to a Grey Cup in atmosphere if the game is packed which I think it will be. Albeit a lot of fans will be different in character and demeanor. Not all but a lot. True CFL fans are the best IMHO as they know how to enjoy a game that isn't all bright lights American sort of thing. Drinking allowed in designated areas that sell beer, outside the stadium. And they will find out this is ok. Football, NFL or CFL, without tailgaiting is ok and this is a plus for the CFL in southern Ontario where there is no or very little tailgaiting.