How many medals in Turin?

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SI says Canada will get 20
4 gold 10 silver and 6 bronze. (They dont think our men will win hockey gold)

We had 17 in Salt lake and the COC is hoping for 25 medals this year.

I think we can get 25 maybe 30.

TEAM CANADA will win the Gold back to back again. Micheall Kawn will win Gold, and Australia will hopfully pick up it's 3nd gold metal.

I say for Canada: 6 g 10 s 6b but that's very hard to predict

media says that Team Canada, the best hockey team in the world, will not win gold? how anti-canadian is that! :evil:

They updated the article. SI now says Canada will get 4G, 10S, 7B (1 more bronze medal than last time.)

AP says Canada will get 24 medals. 10G, 7S, 7B.

I'm fine with SI saying Canada won't win gold ... first, every time they choose a Stanley Cup winner, that team loses; second, if we do win gold it's yet another chance to prove them wrong!

I'm hoping for 20 ... and in any case, at least 18. More than Salt Lake ...

yeah, any improvement is good.

I can't wait. I love watching the olympics.

......we have a family friend going, Kelly Forbes is on the World Cup Skeleton team, but as Canada can only enter three sliders and he is currently ranked fourth on the Canadian squad he is only there as an alternate.... :cry: .......oh well, go Jeff, Paul and Duff..........GO CANADA GO.......

Media again!!!!!!!!

I hope we win both mens and womens hockey.

Me too, especially Hockey and Snowboarding

I watch woman's ice skating, but only to see if Kawn can get the gold this time. I don't know if she will or not, I'm not gonna be disappointed as I was in SLC 2002.

Me too, god, that was such a great moment in 2002! I see a dynasty here in 2002, 2006, and 2010! :smiley:

2002! 8) oh man, should I tell the story!

Don't see why Canada can't repeat for Hockey gold The U.S. team really hasn't changed or improved any.

OK, I change my prediction to 19. Why? 1994-13 medals. 98-15 medals. 02-17 medals. You see how it goes :wink:

I was so pround and happy when Canada won the gold in hockey!!!

I was ticked off tha the americans run the olympic touch though Alaska that I prayed that the Canada team would avenge Alaska by beating the US in Hockey, AND THEY DID!!!

one of the greatest, most amasing moments of my life!!! 8)

oh my word. if that is one of the most amazing moments of your life, well, i'll get in trouble if I say what I want to say.


Good job BS! Oh sorry, I guess we can't abrreviate your name. lol.
Good job Billy_Soup!

not yet...

and the woman Team Canada aveaged the title they should have won in 1998 by beating the US in the gold metal round on their own turf.

good times!

not yet.... and hopefully not for a long, long time...... or ever. either one works.

why are you being so cold Sporty? this isn't like you at all

"I'm Aussie by Brith, but Canadian by chioce (at least untill I get a green card)"

How, exactly, are you "Canadian by choice" when you're not a Canadian??