How many losses until we push the panic button?

So much can happen in this league after Labour Day . But when do we need to start worrying?

Better question: How many panic threads can you start (or revive) in one month?


What? Haven't you been reading this forum? :stuck_out_tongue:

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I haven't seen anyone pushing the panic button but frustration, yes.

You are the master of your own emotions. Threads are not responsible for your panic.

0-2 is a bad enough start for an 18 game season, but in a 14 game season... ouch.

Someone mentioned they felt after 7 games is time to start worrying. I think I'll be worried before then!

You're right. I apologize for this very public and repeated display of panic.

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I haven't seen any panic anywhere.

Only two points out of first.


RELAX No reason to push it till there 0-4

If we don’t get it together and win the next game, sh*t will hit the fan

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It's gonna be tough in Montreal!

If they go 0 - 4 it means they lost the Labour Day game against the Argos, yes it would be a time to panic.

Just had to laugh

How many losses until we push the panic button?.........14

To be clear, this not me being a McGOCKIE
When I seen that topic question the #14 was the total comments made about the subject.
Now b/c I made another comment it will read 15. It just look like someone had answered the question.
Please don't call me a troll, I just seen an A-HA moment.
in a 14 game season I would say 3

Is that an old George Costanza quote ? You are indeed King of the county :blush:

Pat Lynch (the aged one)

My good friends salt n Peppa said it best .

" Push it "

Indeed. And our throne is that armchair in the living room. :stuck_out_tongue:

When we go to the Grey Cup game and no tigercats are in site. It will be time for the
team to panic. What else is new!